Ketamine Treatment Cost

How Much Does Ketamine Treatment Cost?

Figuring out how much does ketamine treatment cost should be part of your research into the potential of ketamine for your mental wellness.  As insurance providers do not usually pay for ketamine since it is an off-label treatment, but may reimburse you for related health services, it’s important to find out how much ketamine treatment will cost you. As ketamine clinics for depressive disorders and chronic pain are located all across the United States, it is not surprising that ketamine treatment cost varies from state to state,  anywhere from $400 to $2000 per infusion, excluding the cost of follow-up maintenance infusions.

If you’re wondering how much does ketamine treatment cost, read on as Frshminds samples the cost of ketamine services at clinics New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, andAustin to provide you with a bird’s eye view of ketamine infusion prices.  Before diving in to ketamine treatment cost, it is important to acknowledge a number of factors that affect prices including:

  • Type of condition being treated
  • Number of infusions
  • Dose level
  • Duration of treatment
  • Level of service provided
  • Expertise of the doctor or treatment provider

Ketamine Cost Vary By Condition

Costs obviously depend on the ketamine infusion dose used per treatment. Conditions like depression require a lower concentration of ketamine than pain conditions, which usually require much longer infusions that last a few hours. This results in a lower cost for the treatment of depression than pain.

While some ketamine doctors might offer a single ketamine infusion to treat pain, most perform a series of anywhere from 2 to 8 infusions for pain.Most ketamine providers request an upfront payment for a complete set of IV ketamine infusions.

After the initial treatments, pain and depression patients usually require maintenance IV ketamine therapy to keep depression and/or pain symptoms under control. Usually, maintenance treatment is required once per month. Some providers may advise infusions twice a month, while others provide ketamine maintenance less frequently or on an as-needed basis.

Ketamine Treatment Costs in New York

Ketamine Treatment Costs in New York

Ember Health – New York NY

Ember Health provides ketamine therapy for people seeking relief from depression. They offer a foundational treatment of four, 60-minute ketamine infusions over 2 weeks. The doctor may recommend one follow-up booster infusion every 6 weeks if symptoms persist.

Treatment cost for depression

Ketamine infusion cost at the clinic is $500 per ketamine infusion session. This totals $2000 over the initial 2-week treatment period. There are no other charges besides the infusion fee. However, there is a separate cost for each booster infusion.

Ketamine Treatment Costs in Los Angeles

Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles – Los Angeles CA

Ketamine Treatment Costs

Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles offers high-dose IV ketamine treatments to patients with depression, PTSD, anxiety, and chronic pain. The basic therapy is 5 infusions over a 10-14 day period. Treatment is administered by Dr. David Mahjoubi, MD, a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist working with IV Ketamine since 2006.

Treatment cost

It costs $625 for every 75 minutes of IV ketamine infusion. There is also a consultation fee for the at-home Ketamine Nasal Spray prescription. The price is $475 per infusion after the 5th session or $350 per infusion with a membership plan. You can pay as you go.

Medical Health Center Cedars Sinai – Los Angeles CA

Ketamine Treatment Costs in Los Angeles

Medical Health Center offers ketamine infusion for mental disorders with psychotherapy (Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy) to increase the effectiveness of treatment. Patients receive ketamine through the IV or intramuscular route (injection).

Treatment cost

The standard IV treatment is 6 infusions over a 2-3 week period. The ketamine infusion therapy cost is $650 for a 40-minute duration. The cost of injection therapy is $500 when given by a nurse and $750 when administered by a doctor. The total cost of 6 ketamine injections by a doctor is $4,500. There is a separate cost for each 90-minute psychotherapy session.

Ketamine Treatment Costs in San Francisco

Ketamine Treatment Costs in San Francisco

Healing Realms Center – San Francisco CA

The Healing Realms Center provides ketamine infusion for depression as part of a Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy) treatment plan. The therapy is designed for clients with treatment-resistant mental health concerns and who are interested in using ketamine along with psychotherapy to improve their symptoms.

Treatment cost

A 3-hour KAP Lozenge session costs $600. A KAP injection session runs for 4 hours and costs $995. Other fees include $400 for a 50-minute medical/psychological intake with a physician and therapist. $200 is the price tag for a 50-min preparation/integration session.

Ketamine Treatment Costs in San Francisco

IV Wellness Center – San Francisco CA

At the IV Wellness Center, all ketamine IV treatment is administered by Dr. Edgar Celis, a double board-certified Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine doctor. Dr. Celis has more than twelve years of clinical experience in treating depression, bipolar disorder, chronic PTSD, and neuropathic pain syndromes with ketamine infusion therapy.

Treatment Cost

Their ketamine therapy cost is $500 per infusion. Infusion time is 60 minutes per session. CRPS infusion takes about 3-4 hours. The recommended infusion protocol is 6 infusions within a 2-week period. There are no additional fees.

Ketamine Treatment Costs in Chicago

Balance Ketamine Clinics – Chicago IL

Ketamine Treatment Costs in Chicago

At Balance Ketamine Clinics, patients can benefit from ketamine treatment for depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. Treatment is not currently available for chronic pain syndromes. Mood disorders are treated with a series of 6 infusions, each lasting 1 hour over a 3-week period.

Treatment cost

The out-of-pocket cost of treatment is $400 due before the infusion is administered. Once you hit your deductible (for those with insurance coverage), the rest of your visits will cost $275. The clinic augments ketamine infusion with KAP by a certified therapist.

Innovative Ketamine – Chicago IL

Innovative Ketamine administers IV ketamine for severe depression, mood disorders, and chronic pain. Treatment is administered by Dr. Khare, a board-certified emergency physician with experience in ketamine infusion. The standard therapy for mood disorders consists of a series of 6 infusions over a 2-week period.

Treatment cost for depression, anxiety, and PTSD

Each IV infusion costs $450 (pay as you go) and lasts approximately one hour. It will cost $2400 for all six infusions if you pay upfront for all 6 infusions. Maintenance infusion (Nasal Ketamine) is available for a separate price.

Treatment cost for chronic pain

Ketamine IV for chronic pain disorders is $900 per infusion since it requires a higher dose of the drug and a longer infusion time of 2-3 hours. The standard protocol is at least 3 infusions done once a week for up to 6 sessions.

Ketamine Treatment Costs in Austin

Ketamine Treatment Costs in Austin

Embracia Health – Austin TX

Embracia Health caters to patients afflicted by depression, anxiety, phobia, ADD, bipolar disorder, and substance use disorder (addiction). The clinic says their treatment protocol provides fast relief for symptoms of major depressive disorder within days rather than weeks.

Treatment cost

If you’re paying out of pocket, the cost of ketamine infusions is $500 per IV session. Ketamine infusion for depression and other mood disorders is usually given 2-3 times a week, for 2-3 weeks.

Ketamine Treatment Costs in Austin

Austin Ketamine Clinic – Austin TX

Austin Ketamine Clinic is a family-owned practice. The clinic aims to help people who failed to get effective relief from standard medical care for depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, OCD, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, and Tourette syndrome.

Treatment cost

This clinic offers packages based on your recovery needs. The basic package includes a series of 6 ketamine treatments for $2,400, which may be about $600 less than the average cost at other ketamine clinics in Austin TX.


Hopefully, this information gives you some insight on the range of ketamine treatment costs as you shop around for a clinic. Keep in mind treatment prices may change. You can also search the Frshminds database to find a clinic in your city.

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