If you are new to the world of psychedelics, you will undoubtedly hear the term “tripsitting”, but what does it actually mean?

As many know, taking psychedelics can be an intense experience, so a “tripsitter” is an experienced psychedelic user, who sometimes has some clinical training, that support user throughout their experience.

The purpose of the sitter is to provide safety and comfort, allowing the trippers to immerse themselves in the psychedelic experience without some of the worries or concerns they might otherwise have if doing it on their own.

A trip sitter doing what tripsitters do: sitting.

What is a Tripsitter?

The use of psychedelics for spiritual and therapeutic purposes dates back millennia. Think, for example, of the use of peyote by the indigenous peoples of the Americas for ritual purposes. Or of the belief by some in the research community that consumption of psychedelic mushrooms dramatically expanded the brain capacity of our ancestors. For as […]

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