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Ketamine Clinics
130 West 25th Street, Suite 5D New York, NY 11001
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Ember Health’s ketamine clinic in New York provides a safe, calming, beautiful environment for our patients to ensure the best outcomes of care. We work with people managing depression who aspire to live their best lives, but feel frustrated by the limits of their current treatment plans. For appropriate patients, ketamine can be an exceptionally effective option to relieve symptoms of depression. It can help people even when other treatments have not worked.

Studies have shown that ketamine relieves depressive symptoms for 75% of patients with depression, including Major Depressive Disorder and Treatment-Resistant Major Depressive Disorder. This is compared to antidepressant prescription medications, which have shown to be effective in as few as 30% of people with depression, and often include extensive side effects JAMA STARD*D .

Some patients experience relief after one infusion, some experience relief after multiple infusions, and some patients receive infusions without obtaining any relief. Each individual is unique, and the outcome of their infusion treatment plan may not match the results found in studies or experienced by other patients Nature.
Traditional antidepressants help fewer than half of patients, usually with unwanted side effects. Ember Health is here to get you back to being yourself. We partner with healthcare professionals seeking the most effective solutions for patients struggling with depression.

Most outpatient providers do not have the equipment, experience, or office space required to provide safe, monitored infusions of intravenous medications. Ember Health is here to fill in those gaps. We founded Ember Health because we were frustrated by the lack of effective medical treatment options for the millions of people struggling with severe depression. We know we share this feeling with the thousands of compassionate mental healthcare professionals who provide critical counsel to their patients. They desire better, more reliable complements to their care. Ember Health is a powerful response to this need.

When you are exploring options for a ketamine clinic in New York, we would be more than happy to have you in for a consultation.

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