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Innovative Ketamine - Chicago

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3221 N Sheffield Ave #100 Chicago Illinois 60657
Innovative Ketamine - Chicago

Innovative Ketamine Clinic in Chicago delivers IV ketamine for the treatment of severe depression, mood disorders and chronic pain. Dr. Khare is a board certified emergency physician with experience administering ketamine. While working in the emergency department at Northwestern, Khare realized the challenges associated with treating mental illness in that setting. As an entrepreneur, he began exploring ketamine as a possible solution, and was among the first physicians in Chicago to offer ketamine infusions. Khare and his team have been successfully treating patients with IV ketamine since 2018. In March of 2019, he opened Innovative Ketamine, a dedicated clinic for IV ketamine infusions. We are proud to have an experienced team of providers who understand and specialize in ketamine treatment. We also have therapists on-site to guide patients through their treatment journey.

Our primary focus is to provide safe and effective Ketamine infusions, we will not be managing any of your other medications or refill prescriptions. Ketamine infusions are meant to be an adjunct to your current mental health treatments and we are happy to collaborate with your psychiatrist and/or therapist. It is recommended that you wait at least 3 weeks after changing your medications before starting infusions. Please let the doctor know if you have recently changed any of your medications.

As a certified SPRAVATO® treatment center, we do offer the option of Esketamine to patients. As of Spring 2019, Esketamine (Spravato) is now FDA approved for treatment resistant depression. This is the nasal spray version of Ketamine and must be given in the office by a certified Spravato Provider. Although this is a great step for those suffering from depression, there is only a 30% success rate versus the 80% success rate of Ketamine infusions.

When exploring your options for a ketamine clinic in Chicago, contact us for an appointment.

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