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Balance Ketamine Clinics

Ketamine Clinics
1601 West Division Street Chicago Illinois 60622
Balance Ketamine Clinics

At Balance Ketamine Clinics in Chicago, we take pride in offering the latest advances in mental health treatment and the highest levels of quality and patient safety. That’s why we are now offering ketamine infusions for treatment resistant depression.
Depression affects more than 16 million Americans every year. While this condition is a challenge for everyone who must cope with it, there are many who cannot find relief in traditional treatments.

The goal of the Balance Ketamine Wellness Center is to provide customized, high-quality care and counseling for people suffering from afflictions where ketamine infusions for depression have proved to be a successful treatment choice. While actively investigating the efficacy of Ketamine in treating additional conditions, ketamine infusion therapy has been shown to repair the neural pathways in your brain at low dose levels that have been weakened by deteriorating mental health or chronic pain.

If you are looking for a ketamine clinic in Chicago to handle your mental wellness needs, contact us to arrange a consultation.

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