Magic Mushrooms Tea vs. Eating

Magic Mushrooms: Tea vs. Eating

The Magic Mushrooms: tea vs. eating debate has kept magic mushroom aficionados deep in conversation for decades. Are ‘shrooms best consumed when you drink them (in tea, for example), or when you eat them? Ask an enthusiast and they will almost certainly have a strong personal opinion on the subject, professing to have had profound experiences, or that they found the active ingredients to be way more potent in one form or another.

While the debate between distilling magic mushrooms in tea, or eating them raw, continues to this day, in reality no matter which side of the “Tea vs Eating” debate that you’re on, the results — the psychoactive experience — are pretty much the same either way, and how you ingest the product usually comes down to personal preference.

To Eat Shrooms, or To Drink Shrooms: That is the Question

Curious what this decades-old debate is all about? We’ve clipped the most important aspects into a handy guide below!

Magic Mushroom Tea: The Benefits


The main advantage to drinking psilocybin in tea is the time it takes for the experience to begin. With psilocybin tea, the action starts much faster. Eating a mushroom requires you to first digest the mushroom in your stomach, breaking it down into it’s component chemicals and then absorbing this into the bloodstream. In the case of a mushroom distilled in tea, the active ingredients have already leeched out into the hot water, and can be much more quickly absorbed when you swallow the tea. This faster ‘bioavailability’ sure helps when you’re in a hurry! Just remember not to burn your tongue in your haste.


Many magic mushroom fans will admit that they are notoriously, well, straight-up gross when eaten raw. While this earthy taste and flavor can be found in your tea, at least you have the option of sweetening and flavoring it!

Magic Mushroom Tea: The Drawbacks

The main issue here is the prep time. Although going through the process of how to make shroom tea is not complicated, it does require some time to fully distill the mushroom into the tea. Most tea advocates suggest letting the mushroom steep in boiling water for 15-20 minutes before pouring themselves a cup.

Eating Magic Mushroom: The Benefits

Notwithstanding the above, plenty of folks prefer to eat their magic mushrooms, sometimes dried, sometimes fresh. Of course, not having to wait 15-20 minutes for your magic mushroom tea to steep in order to get things rolling is great (though again, the action takes longer to set in).

Eating Magic Mushrooms: The Drawbacks

Perhaps the most important drawback, at least for some consumers, is that eating a dried mushroom can make you very, very nauseous. The mushroom itself is chewy, and a significant number of even long-term consumers will admit that their psychoactive experience is tinged by feeling sick, often vomiting during or after their experience. Not pleasant.

Hopefully this affords you a better understanding of the rationale behind both sides of the ‘Tea vs. Eating’ debate. Our best advice is to try both methods – again, personal preference is ultimately the only arbiter of which side of the debate you land on. Let us know in the comments which you prefer!

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