Mushroom capsules MycoMeditations Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

The Best Psilocybin Retreats: What To Look For

With so many psilocybin retreats around the world, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for you.

Some factors you need to consider include the reputation of the retreat, the qualifications of the facilitators, their safety protocols, and the setting.

But you also need to look into which activities they offer and the costs — it’s a lot!

That’s why we created this guide listing the five best psilocybin retreats in the world.

Now, you can spend much less time franticly scouring the web for reviews and details about retreats and more time preparing your one-of-a-kind trip.

How to Choose the Best Psilocybin Retreat for You

As we said above, there are a few factors you need to consider before choosing a psilocybin retreat. Here are the seven most important ones:

1. Find a Retreat With the Perfect Setting

You can find all sorts of settings, from deep into the Amazon rainforest to urban centers with all kinds of amenities close by. Choose whatever makes you feel safer.

You could also consider picking a country you’d like to visit if you want to do something else on your trip besides the retreat itself.

2. Look Into the Program and Support They Offer

Check what the center offers besides the psilocybin experience itself. Here are some common activities and perks you can enjoy in these retreats:

  • Guided tours and excursions
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Massages
  • Breathwork
  • Sound healing
  • Workshops on spiritual and personal growth
  • Vegan and vegetarian meals made with locally sourced ingredients

You should also check if they offer psychological support before, during, and after your psilocybin session.

3. Run a Background Check on the Facilitators

Choose a retreat led by experienced, qualified and properly trained professionals.

You can assess this by browsing reviews, carefully reading their website, doing a background check on the facilitators, and calling the retreat to get a sense of their professionalism.

4. Learn About Their Safety Protocols

Read about their safety protocols on their website. Make sure they’re clear and include medical supervision and emergency procedures.

If you still have question marks over the safety of a given retreat, don’t hesitate to email or call them.

5. Research the Legal Status of the Retreat

Remember that psilocybin is illegal in many countries. It’s a Schedule I controlled substance in the US, for example.

However, there are US cities and states (e.g., San Francisco, Seattle, Detroit, Oregon, Colorado, etc.) and countries (e.g., Canada, the Netherlands, Portugal, etc.) where it has been decriminalized or allowed for medical use.

Plus, a lot of countries have a very relaxed stance on the enforcement of drug laws.

Choose a psilocybin-friendly destination to ensure you have a relaxing and problem-free experience.

6. Read Reviews from Previous Attendees

Browsing for reviews and testimonials from previous participants is the best way to know what to expect from a retreat.

7. Find a Retreat That Matches Your Budget

Finally, you need to consider your budget and look for options that match it.

You can find anything from budget retreats costing a couple of thousand dollars to luxury ones costing $10,000 or more.

These factors are best summed up by Justin Townsend, CEO of MycoMeditations:

How experienced the retreat staff is both personally with the medicines and also in terms of working with other people taking the substance.

Is the retreat medically, therapeutically, wellness and shamanically-oriented?

What ratio of staff to guests will the retreat have?

How many medicine experiences will you have?

What does the integration process involve?

Psychedelic retreats at a glance
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7 of The Best Psilocybin Retreats

As promised, we’ve compiled seven of the best psilocybin retreats in the world to narrow down your search — there’s something for everyone.

1. MycoMeditations

Jamaica psychedelic retreats are becoming more popular as it is one of the only countries in the world where psilocybin is legal — it’s not just decriminalized, it’s truly legal. That’s why some of the best retreats are located there.

You’ll get an extra dose of peace of mind knowing you’re on the right side of the law.

If you are looking for a high-end retreat, staffed with a complement of mental health professionals, MycoMeditations is the place for you They have four different accommodation types with prices ranging from $4,300 to $11,400 for a week-long stay.

With MycoMeditations’ inception being in 2014, the current owners didn’t found MycoMeditations themselves, but rather joined the company in late 2017. Once the founder parted ways with the company in 2020, we made the commitment to begin developing the gold-standard for psychedelic-assisted retreats. As psychedelic therapies enter the discussion, we are inspired to create a modern-contemporary retreat model that best resonates with most individuals in the Western world, as the majority of society is still unfamiliar with psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Justin Townsend, CEO

The Location

MycoMeditations runs retreats at different locations in Jamaica, each offering a different experience, Classic, Comfort, and Concierge for guests who want to customize their visit

Doranja House – Treasure Beach

The lowest cost option is the Doranja House, a group of intimate guesthouses located a minute’s walk from the beach and surrounded by tropical plants in a private cove of Treasure Beach.

The facilities at MycoMeditations Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Doranja House at MycoMeditations.
Blue Marlin – Great Bay

A seafront property that includes two (2) villas, Blue Marlin Villas is MycoMeditation’s flagship location and is next to the retreat’s mushroom cultivation operations. It also happens to be a recognized archeological site, rich with the history of the Taíno, an indigenous group that inhabited numerous Caribbean islands.

Rainbow Tree Villa – Billy’s Bay

Sitting up on the high ground of Billy’s Bay, Treasure Beach, the property overlooks a private bay and offers five (5) uniquely beautiful bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, and daily housekeeping.

The grounds MycoMeditations Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica
A view of MycoMeditations from the water.
Bluefields Bay Villas – Westmoreland Parish

Bluefields Bay Villas are MycoMeditations’ high-level retreat offering with each guest house having its own staff, including a chef to prepare, and a private pool.

Bathroom at MycoMeditations Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Shower at MycoMeditations
Common area at MycoMeditations Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Common area at MycoMeditations.
Double Accommodations at MycoMeditations Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Accommodations at MycoMeditations.

The Ceremony

MycoMeditations keeps its ceremonial/therapy structure the same across all of its locations. All guests experience three (3) psilocybin mushroom sessions over the course of seven (7) nights at the retreat. These are followed up with therapeutic group integration sessions

Ceremony at MycoMeditations Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Psilocybin at ceremony at MycoMeditations.

Townsend recounts seeing miraculous changes in people coming to the retreat, relating a story of a 60-year-old man with horrible social anxiety. “There was a man in his 60s who joined the retreat with such severe social anxiety that he couldn’t leave his bedroom or even have a conversation with his sons, ” Townsend says before describing the outcome of psilocybin therapy. “In his first session, he sat in a lounge chair with his eye mask off and was able to admit to himself how truly scary other people felt to him and he surrendered to the sadness of being seen. After he surrendered to these feelings, his second and third sessions delivered him moments of illumination where his anxiety was trivial, and he was able to confront mortality and decided he wanted life. Ever since he has lived a life with little social anxiety and is far better at maneuvering through daily challenges.

The Staff

At MycoMeditations, the staff takes a long term view of how psychedelics will integrate with the larger healthcare landscape.

“Over the next couple of decades, I think we will see most of all mental health services being supported by psychoactive compounds in addition to person-to-person therapies, says Townsend.

“It already appears as though a few psychedelic medicines can successfully assist with the treatment of a majority of our mental illnesses. Prescribed psychiatric medications may be supplanted by psychedelic therapies when it comes to addressing long-standing mental health conditions, allowing psychiatric medications to be utilized where they are most useful as temporary symptom management until a solution for long-term healing is selected by the mental health professionals of the future.”

mycomeditation's CEO - Justin Townsend
CEO Justin Townsend
Mike Ljubsa Business Director and Facilitator - MycoMeditations Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Mike Ljubsa, Business Director and Facilitator, MycoMeditations.

2. Beckley Retreats — the Netherlands & Jamaica

Beckley Retreats are run by highly experienced professionals. and they structure their programs in 3 phases over 11 weeks. You’ll get a 4-week virtual program to prepare for the retreat, which spans over a 5-night stay. Then, you’ll get a 6-week virtual program to help you sustain and integrate your retreat experience.

Prepare: Four (4) week program delivered virtually. Involves group sessions, one-on-one support, guided activities, and resources. The benefit is that retreat guests get to know one another before arriving at the retreat.

Immerse: The onsite five-night retreat portion involves two (2) psilocybin ceremonies, breathwork, meditation, and other practices.

Integrate: A six (6) week follow-up program delivered virtually. A science-based mix of group sessions and daily practices designed to help sustain/integrate your experience from the retreat.

The Locations

In Jamaica, their facilities are located close to nature and even include a private beach.

Main building at Beckley Retreats, Jamaica
Main building at Beckley Retreats, Jamaica
Food at Beckley Retreats, Jamaica
Food at Beckley Retreats, Jamaica

In the Netherlands, you can enjoy more modern and urban-style vibes despite it being located in a beautiful and peaceful natural area.

The Facilities at Beckley Retreats, Amsterdam.
Main building at Beckley Retreats, Amsterdam.
The grounds at Beckley Retreats, Amsterdam.
The grounds at Beckley Retreats, Amsterdam.

“By the time we left the safe haven of morning yoga and meditation […] and the human bonding that comes from being vulnerable, we all concluded the same thing: that the metaphorical […] sled grooves on our mental hillsides had dissipated under a fresh fall of snow. We saw the world with the wonder of our childhood eyes.” — Sophie Benge, after attending the Beckley retreat

The grounds at Beckley Retreats, Amsterdam.
The grounds at Beckley Retreats, Amsterdam.
Common area at Beckley Retreats, Amsterdam.
Common area at Beckley Retreats, Amsterdam.

Some perks you can enjoy during your stay at either location include:

  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Clean eating

The Program

Through years of experience, they developed a five (5) pillar program that all guests experience:

  • Meditation: Daily guided meditation classes encourage the practice of present-moment awareness and contribute to nervous system regulation.
  • Clean eating: Healthy, nutrient-dense meals allow the body to be nourished, cleansed, and fortified, supporting your experience with psilocybin.
  • Nature: Access to nature cultivates greater openness, expansion, creativity, connection, and resilience, particularly when working with psilocybin.
  • Mindful movement: Mindful movement such as restorative yoga increases energy flow and facilitates deep body-mind awareness. This program improves well-being, and safety and prepares you for your commune with nature. 
  • Breathwork: Guided breathing relieves stress, promotes relaxation, oxygenates the body, and unearths emotions in preparation for the psilocybin ceremony.
Yoga and ceremony room at Beckley Retreats, Amsterdam.
Yoga and ceremony room at Beckley Retreats, Amsterdam.

The Staff

Neil Markey Co-Founder & CEO Beckley Retreats
Neil Markey Co-Founder & CEO

A Captain in the US Army Special Operations, co-founder and CEO of Beckley Retreats, Neil is focused on bringing the science of psychedelics to retreat, visitors,

Amanda Feilding, Co-Founder & Advisor, Beckley Retreats.
Amanda Feilding, Co-Founder & Advisor

A driving force in the psychedelics space who was motivated by her positive experience with the substances in her 20s when she used them to help her quit smoking.

3. The Buena Vida — Mexico

The Buena Vida retreat is located in a stunning natural area with a forest and beach nearby.

You can choose between staying for five or seven days and you’ll get a 7-day prep course before and a 2-week integration program after the retreat.

Other perks you’ll love include:

  • Chef-prepared meals
  • Massages
  • Movement and somatic workshops

The prices range between $3,300 and $6,000+, depending on the length of your stay and the program you choose.

“The team healers are masters, they care and attend you in away that lays to rest any concerns. All of my questions were answered in exceptional detail.” — Jan, after attending the Buena Vida retreat

4. Atman Psilocybin Retreat — Jamaica

Atman Psilocybin Retreat is regarded as one of the best affordable retreats out there. The prices start at $2,495 per person but they also have a low-income ticket program for those with limited financial means.

Their 4-day program includes guided preparation, navigation, and integration. You’ll be staying in a beautiful villa surrounded by nature and close to the beach.

Some perks you can enjoy during your stay include:

  • Fresh meals cooked on-site
  • Meditation
  • 1-on-1 check-ins with facilitators

“Perfect amount of structure to feel safe coupled with enough latitude to feel free. The facilitators and guides are sublime. I was encouraged, protected, held, challenged, loved, and HEALED.” — Melissa, after attending the Atman Psilocybin Retreat

5. Synthesis — Netherlands

In the Netherlands, magic truffles are legal. They’re a different part of the mushroom but also contain psilocybin — that’s what you’ll get at Synthesis.

“Our comprehensive programs include pre-retreat preparation, psychedelic-supported retreats that are centered around the ceremonial use of high-dose, legal truffles containing psilocybin.” — Synthesis

In terms of safety, reputation, professionalism, and experience of the facilitators, this retreat is second to none.

Plus, you’ll get three preparation online sessions before the retreat, a 5-day guided experience with two psilocybin ceremonies, and another three integration sessions after it’s over.

“I cannot recommend the experience and the team highly enough. […] The whole process from my first call with them all the way through to after the retreat exceeded my expectations.” — Ella, after attending the Synthesis retreat

6. Peace Retreats

Want to center your mind? Rejuvenate your body?

If so, make sure to check out Peace Retreat Costa Rica, which offers psilocybin retreats in Paraiso, Guanacaste province, with a large emphasis on incorporating yoga into the retreat regime.

Dining Area at Peace Retreat Costa Rica Psilocybin Ayahuasca Paraiso Guanacaste
The dining area at Peace Retreats

Situated in the hills of the Guanacaste forest above the world-renowned black sand beaches, Peace Retreat Costa Rica offers a range of 5 to 7-day retreats, with nightly prices ranging from $170 for a private studio suite with its own kitchen, to $40 a night for a single bed in a shared space designed for 7 people.

Accommodation at Peace Retreat Costa Rica Psilocybin Ayahuasca Paraiso Guanacaste
Cabins at Peace Retreats

Peace Retreat Costa Rica‘s yoga classes, taught by both visiting and permanent on-site teachers, incorporate experiential learning, somatic movement, Ayurveda and vinyasa themes to restorative-focused classes

The Grounds at Peace Retreat Costa Rica Psilocybin Ayahuasca Paraiso Guanacaste
The grounds at Peace Retreat

Peace Retreat Costa Rica‘s goal helping you build a daily meditation practice that you can take home with you when the retreat is over.

We meditate not to be calm, but to be real.

Peace Retreats Costa Rica
Hammock at Peace Retreat Costa Rica Psilocybin Ayahuasca Paraiso Guanacaste
Relax in the hammock at Peace Retreats
The common area at Peace Retreat Costa Rica Psilocybin Ayahuasca Paraiso Guanacaste
The common area at Peace Retreats
The Pool at Peace Retreat Costa Rica Psilocybin Ayahuasca Paraiso Guanacaste
The Pool at Peace Retreat.

Peace Retreats offers visitors a range of massages as they believe that massage has therapeutic qualities and benefits that make it an effective healing method as restoring motion and mobility to joints and muscles is essential to optimal daily functioning.

Massage Room at Peace Retreat Costa Rica Psilocybin Ayahuasca Paraiso Guanacaste
Massage Room At Peace Retreat

7. Reunion Retreat Center

Thinking of a beach-front healing ceremony?

If so, Reunion Retreat Center is right up your alley, offering Shaman led on Sugar Beach in Costa Rica. Front and center at Reunion are its values:

  • Safety: Reunion offers a thorough intake process and medical screening. Additionally, all employees have first aid training and there is a well-equipped on-site clinic.
  • Trust: Guests, Facilitators, and Contributors work together to build trust
  • Respect: We pay homage to the sacred traditions and ceremonial experiences in which we partake.
  • Reciprocity: All important relationships are based on reciprocity.
  • Humility: Serving and learning from your fellow human allows you to grow.
  • Integrity: We put people above profit. We build trust through honesty and responsibility.
The Entrance at Reunion Retreat Center Psilocybin Tamarindo Guanacaste Costa Rica
The entrance of Reunion Retreat Center

All of Reunion’s all-inclusive journeys are intentionally designed to help you change your life perspective through a self-observation and exploration. Our goal is to facilitate your building of a deeper relationship with yourself by connecting with a group of similarly-minded individuals by:

  • Curating small groups for a week-long sacred Healer led ceremonial experience. 
  • Providing experienced professionals who create a set and setting that maximizes your comfort and ensures comfort and safety.
  • Equipping you with our Post-Journey Integration Program so you can transform your experience into sustainable change.
The Fitness Center at Reunion Retreat Center Psilocybin Tamarindo Guanacaste Costa Rica
Fitness Center
Accommodations at Reunion Retreat Center Psilocybin Tamarindo Guanacaste Costa Rica
The accommodations at Reunion Retreat Center.

Reunion offers two main packages, each lasting 8 days and 7 nights:

  • The Reunion Experience: Led by indigenous healers and includes 4 ceremonies. and prices start at $3,600 USD.
  • Inner Alchemy: Led by Reunion’s program directors. Includes 3 ceremonies and prices start at $2,900 USD.
The Grounds at Reunion Retreat Center Psilocybin Tamarindo Guanacaste Costa Rica
The grounds at Reunion Retreat Center.
Sharing Circle at Reunion Retreat Center Psilocybin Tamarindo Guanacaste Costa Rica
Sharing Circle at Reunion Retreat.
Ceremonial Room Reunion Retreat Center Psilocybin Tamarindo Guanacaste Costa Rica
Ceremonial Room at Reunion Retreat Center.

Best Psilocybin Retreats — Key Takeaways

It’s crucial to research your options before picking a retreat center, here’s a summary of the factors you must look into:

  • Setting
  • Program and support
  • Qualifications of the facilitators
  • Safety protocols
  • Legal status
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Costs

We hope our list of the best psilocybin retreats has helped you find the perfect one for you.

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