How to select Psilocybin Retreats in Costa Rica

3 Top-Rated Psilocybin Retreats in Costa Rica

Psilocybin retreats in Costa Rica (or anywhere else) are a unique travel experience.

It involves the use of psilocybin, a natural psychedelic compound found in some mushroom species, under the guidance of trained facilitators.

Costa Rica is a premier psilocybin retreat destination due to its untamed natural beauty and permissive stance on alternative healing and self-discovery.

“I was stuck and didn’t know how to move Psilocybin gave me a different perspecitve […] and the outcome life-changing. I can’t being to express my gratitude for this opportunity.” — Jim, after attending a psilocybin retreat in Costa Rica

Is this the type of experience you’re looking for? Are you itching to book your trip already? First, you need to do a little bit of research, though.

Psychedelics are such a gentle yet powerful, and incredibly personal medicine, taking everyone on a unique journey, yet so universally reminding us to stop looking for answers externally, step into a much wider perspective and first-handedly experience the web of connections running through it all.

Joanna Williamson, Founder GD Flou

In this article, we’ll give you all the details you need to choose your retreat — from the legality of psilocybin in Costa Rica to the top-rated retreats.

Is Psilocybin Legal in Costa Rica?

Psilocybin is illegal in Costa Rica. The latest revision of the List of Controlled Substances explicitly names psilocybin as a banned substance.

However, the country is known to be quite relaxed in enforcing its drug laws. Magic mushrooms are widely accepted there and it’s very rare for anyone to be convicted for possession of psilocybin mushrooms.

How to Select a Psilocybin Retreat in Costa Rica

Psychedelic retreats are about so much more than ceremonies – transformation begins the moment you enter the retreat space. Look for a programme that prepares you for this experience and dives deep into integration, so you feel safe and truly supported to sustain meaningful change long after your retreat. The power of psychedelic assisted transformation lies within its container. I believe an experienced retreat leader who takes the time to get to know you before the retreat, and a small size of the group play a vital role in this process.

Joanna Williamson, Founder GD Flou

Before choosing a psilocybin retreat in Costa Rica, it’s important to consider the following factors:

1. Safety Comes First

You need to make sure the center is properly regulated and licensed.

You should also research the people who operate the retreat to know if they have appropriate qualifications and experience.

2. Look Into the Retreat’s Legality

As we mentioned above, psilocybin is illegal in Costa Rica. Choose a retreat operating within the bounds of the law.

3. Find Your Perfect Setting

Some retreats are in remote, natural areas while others are in more developed or even urban areas. Consider which setting makes you feel safer.

4. Asses if the Program Is a Good Fit

Check what the retreat offers besides guided psilocybin experiences. Some offer meditation, yoga, and psychological support, for example.

The type of facilities in retreats also varies. Would you rather stay in a hotel-style center or is glamping more your thing?

Can you go a few days on basic meals or are you looking for expertly cooked local cuisine?

These are the type of questions you need to answer when choosing a psilocybin retreat.

5. Browse Reviews

Browse for reviews and testimonials from previous participants to get a sense of their experiences.

You can also get in touch with the retreat to address any questions or concerns you may have and to get a sense of their professionalism.

6. Make Sure the Service Quality Is up to Your Standards

By checking reviews, calling the professionals at the retreat, and carefully reading their website, you can find out if their services are up to your standards.

As we mentioned, retreats offer a variety of perks from psilocybin ceremonies to tours, yoga, meditation, accommodation, meals, and post-retreat support.

Look into all of these, so you know exactly what to expect and avoid issues and disappointment.

How Much Do Psilocybin Retreats in Costa Rica Cost?

The cost of a psilocybin retreat in Costa Rica varies depending on the location, duration, and services offered — it can range from a couple of thousand dollars to well over $10k.

Research and compare different retreats to find one that fits both your needs and budget.

You should also look into their payment plans. Some retreats ask you to pay in full while others have sliding scale pricing or payment plans to help you manage the costs.

3 Top-Rated Psilocybin Retreats in Costa Rica

We can’t objectively pick the best retreat for you. It depends on your budget, needs, and personal preference.

Still, to make it easier for you, we came up with three recommendations for top-rated psilocybin retreats in Costa Rica. Check out their prices and services to choose the best one for you.

1. GD Flou

Gd Flou, near Uvita in southern Costa Rica, is a psilocybin retreat that seeks to bring healing and growth. Close to waterfalls, hiking, and the world-famous Punta Uvita beach just a short drive away, GD Flou offers something for everyone. Its founder, Joanna Williamson, discovered the power of psilocybin during her own healing journey.

GD Flou Founder, Joanna Williamson

“I came across plant medicine on my own journey, looking to unpack grief, depression, and anxiety, and a gain a deeper understanding of what was holding me back in life”, responded Joanna Williamson, when asked about how she got involved in psychedelics. “As I began to process my own trauma, I was witnessing layer after layer of the old limiting beliefs and conditioning fall off, like a snake skin I have outgrown.”

GD Flou is a multi-disciplinary experience; Yoga, sound therapy, and meditation are used as complementary modalities with the psilocybin ceremonies. The jungle retreats are luxurious and designed to let you focus completely on your journey. The plant-based kitchen serves gorgeously prepared meals sourced from local ingredients.

2. Expand Therapeutics

The Expand Therapeutics retreat center is located in San José Province, Escazu, Costa Rica. They offer clinically guided treatments and alternative healing.

They’re currently offering a 5-day individually tailored retreat package for those who want to safely integrate psychedelic medicines to their healing journey.

Here are some of the benefits and activities you can experience with Expand Therapeutics:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Addiction treatment
  • Integration
  • Tours

There’s a psychological therapist on-site and a hospital nearby. They also offer follow-up assistance in your integration process after you leave the retreat.

At Expand Therapeutics, you can choose psilocybin mushrooms, changa, kambo, DMT, or sananga as your vehicle for soul healing.

3. Holos Global

Holos Global is a premium retreat center. You can expect state-of-art facilities, gourmet farm-to-table meals, and top-tier hospitality services.

Besides, they don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution — you’ll get a personalized plan.

They accommodate private groups of between two and twenty people at a time for four to seven nights. You can also request custom travel for your group to their base camp.

Here are some of their main offerings:

  • Eco luxe accommodations
  • Plant ceremonies
  • Waterfall tours
  • Yoga
  • Various excursions
  • Sound healing
  • Breathwork

Plus, you’ll be surrounded by waterfalls, lush jungles, and sprawling mountains.

If you’re interested in learning more about this retreat, you can sign up for their bi-weekly, free webinars.

Top-Rated Psilocybin Retreats in Costa Rica — Key Takeaways

It’s crucial to thoroughly research your options before picking a retreat center.

Look into the legality and reputation of the psilocybin retreats in Costa Rica and the retreat operators.

After narrowing down your options, check which activities and perks each retreat offers and their costs to find the perfect fit for you.

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