How to make magic Mushroom tea

How to Make Magic Mushroom Tea

Knowing how to make magic mushroom tea has been an indigenous cultural tradition for generations in tribes around the world. ‘Magic’, or psilocybin-carrying mushrooms, have been used holistically for thousands of years. The psychoactive experience offers medical benefits as well as a spiritual gateway. Leaders in entertainment, industry, and government (including Paul McCartney, Steve Jobs and Joe Rogan) openly tout the benefits of magic mushrooms for ideation. Modern medicine is catching up, using psilocybin to treat mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction, OCD, and addiction to drugs. Serious research is proving that ongoing, controlled use of psilocybin can make massive improvements in people’s lives. 

While overdosing would no doubt be unpleasant, psilocybin is not addictive, and there are no known records of death caused directly from the consumption of magic mushrooms. In “The Hacking of the American Mind“, Dr. Robert Lustig wrote that “few users of psychedelics demonstrated either dependency or withdrawal” and that compared to cocaine or heroin, there was “no spike in crime, and no users rushed into rehab.”

With all of these potential benefits and little downside risk, no wonder you’re anxious to try magic mushroom tea (and remember, does not endorse the consumption of illegal substances in any way). Let us get you up to speed on the “Tea vs. Eating” debate, and then teach you how to make a cup of mushroom tea all for yourself.

Mushroom Tea vs. Eating Mushroom

How To Make Magic Mushroom Tea
A glass of warm magic mushroom tea.

Avid psychonauts may describe this as the most consistent source of debate amongst them. There are many arguments about which is better — to eat the mushroom or drink its tea. In either case, the results — the psychoactive experience — are pretty much the same. The big difference between drinking tea or eating the mushroom is the time it takes for the experience to begin. With psilocybin tea, the action starts much faster. This is because the nutrient and chemical properties of the mushroom are absorbed into your bloodstream much more quickly. The psychoactive chemicals in the mushroom have already been leeched out by the boiling water and do not require your digestive tract to break them down further.

Eating a dried mushroom can be a bad experience. The mushroom is chewy, has an earthy taste and aroma, and for some, causes extreme nausea. Neverthless, there are plenty of advocates who still prefer to eat the fresh or dried mushroom over drinking the tea.

The Benefits of Magic Mushroom Tea

For those who prefer to drink magic mushroom tea, they do so because:

  1. You obtain the psychoactive properties faster.
  2. Subjectively — it tastes better.
  3. You emerge from your trip more quickly.
  4. Decreased nausea.
  5. You gain the added benefits of the mushroom, which can be as many as 400 additional properties beyond the psychoactive bits.
  6. You can mix magic mushrooms with other flavor enhancers, such as berry, hibiscus, and other tea flavors.
  7. You have some control over the effect. If you eat the mushroom, you get whatever the mushroom has, but if you make tea, you control how much of the mushroom you put in, and because the starting point is quicker, you can drink less tea if you feel too much of the “magic.”

In comparison, when you eat magic mushrooms, the psychoactive effect rises slowly, lasts longer, and you risk complications such as severe nausea.

Best Way to Make Magic Mushroom Tea

  1. Always weigh the amount of mushroom for each batch of tea. Starting with a low dose of around 1 gram of dried mushroom for newbies, moving to a higher dose of around 4-5 grams as you get more comfortable.
  2. Grind the mushroom into smaller pieces. A coffee grinder that is used only for this purpose is excellent. You can also use a mortar and pestle, or you can chop the mushroom with a knife. The final product should resemble dried tea with small, thin pieces.
  3. Using a clean pot, bring 1 cup of water to boil and then remove from heat.
  4. Add the mushroom to the water and let steep for 10-15 minutes. If you are adding additional ingredients, do so now. Some people add mint or ginger to the tea to help reduce nausea. Ginger will give the tea a spicy, somewhat hot flavor. You can also add other flavors of tea. TIP: avoid adding your favorite flavor of tea in case the result is not pleasant. If you don’t mind the result, use your favorite tea on the second batch.
  5. Strain the tea to remove the bits. A piece of muslin works well to strain out the mushroom and other ingredients.
  6. The tea is ready to consume. Add sweetener if you like – honey is an excellent choice.

Effects of Magic Mushroom Tea

One of the things many mushroom users strive for is “ego death“. Ego death is a state of mind often described as a temporary transformation of the psyche—shifting from self-centered to completely unbiased, with the goal of experiencing a novel perspective, unclouded by your own pre-conceived notions. This experience is hypothesized to the dampening of Default Mode Network activity in your brain. This temporary quieting can act as a “reset” or “rewiring” of the network, and consequently the rewiring of thought patterns, which are otherwise constrained by the ego.
Reddit user ReeferMaaan described his experience as follows:

My ego was quickly and effectively dissolved by the psilocybin. Complete ego death, I’m not certain but I believe there was in fact a small part of me holding on to who I was, the psilocybin gently knocked me off my stubborn horse of hubris and ego and I became nothing but an observer of pure consciousness who knew no body and had no name, nor did I care. What used to be my body dissolved into a million fractals and was no more. It was at this point I believe I witnessed what some people may call ‘God’. It was an interdimensional entity that descended upon us, the only way to describe this being is it was an Eye, with great and powerful eagles wings, this being was on fire and it was the most magnificent colors of the rainbow. It was emitting a incredibly powerful and warm, healing light which can only be described as pure consciousness and love. This being had a very important message for me. At this point I tried keeping my eyes closed, not out of fear or anything, but the visuals were quite distracting and I was trying to focus on the important message from this entity.

How Long Do The Effects of Magic Mushroom Tea Last

Once you ingest the mushroom, the “trip” can last from a few hours to an entire day; again, whether you drank the tea or ate the ‘shroom will define the length of the experience. The effects of drinking the magic mushroom tea will be unique to you. Everyone has a different experience, so finding the correct dosage is critical. Remember that there are a large variety of psilocybin mushroom species in the market today, and that their potency can also vary widely. Some offer a more mellow experience, while others give their consumer wild visuals. Focus on your result, and find the correct dose and frequency that fits your health needs.

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