Microdosing Mushrooms Companies

Microdosing Mushrooms Companies: Get To Know Them 

Seeking out trustworthy microdosing mushrooms companies to help you with your microdosing journey can be a time consuming task and is a driving force behind Frshminds. FrshMinds has reached out to our vetted dispensaries for a glimpse into who is behind existing psychedelic markets, along with why they do what they do and where the industry is going.

The Psychedelic Grey Market

Given that governments and academic research move slower than markets and demand, it’s not surprising there are a number of microdosing mushroom companies already operating. Despite this fact, much of the press around psychedelics is very cautious. There are concerns that a wrong move could shut down the momentum towards legal psychedelics. Academic institutions and governments fear their reputations will be hurt by association with the counterculture or reckless use. However, similar to the evolution is cannabis in legalization in Canada, a psychedelic industry already exists.

How do the Psychedelic and Cannabis Industry Compare?

Cannabis grey market dispensaries arguably helped pave the way to the recreational market in Canada. The landscape of microdosing mushroom companies in Canada seems similar to that of cannabis legalization, yet psychedelics are not the same beast as medical marijuana. We asked Vincent from online dispensary Blue Goba what he thought:

“The two industries certainly have parallels, but I think that psychedelics have a much broader range of medical/therapeutic applications. (Along with arguably more acute risk potential than cannabis.) I think that the production side of the psychedelic industry will be significantly tighter regulated.”

Vincent’s commentary does make one wonder how much access the average person will have to psychedelics. Buying 50$ worth of shrooms is a lot different than thousands of dollars on psychedelic therapy. Vincent also added that:

“I also think that there will be a thriving black market in both industries for years to come.”

Current informal psychedelic markets are responding to how everyday people want to take psychedelics. Alongside them, post-legalization informal cannabis markets are still setting standards and remain popular. Product designs based on actual consumer demand are innovative. It provides what consumers want, particularly as the Canadian cannabis industry is very restrictive about packaging and marketing.

Cannabis legalization rolled out with underground suppliers providing higher quality products the way consumers want them and remain successful today. One can assume that consumers will support informal psychedelic markets in sidestepping a restrictive medicalization model for psychedelics. That is unless policymakers can develop inclusive and lucrative legislation for an already thriving industry.

Recent Growth in Existing Psychedelic Markets

Rates of psychedelic use have increased since prohibition in the 1970s, with an estimated 30 million users in the United States alone. And this occurred with the so-called “stigma” of psychedelics existing. 

But public opinion is changing, with society at large being increasingly open about microdosing or psychedelic journeys. The younger generation is trending away from alcohol towards cannabis and psychedelics. Anecdotes of people’s experiences from the psychedelic culture have inspired published science, which is fuelling the existing market.

In fact, much of the research that has piqued interest in microdosing has been surveys of the online psychedelic community. For example, much of the positive buzz around microdosing is based on academic surveys of microdosing Reddit

Unraveling the Stigma of Psychedelics

Some narratives suggest the grey market is the counterculture the psychedelic movement is trying to distance itself from. Another reality is that it sets trends and gathers information about how everyday people want to interact with psychedelics.

When we asked supplier Organic Shrooms Canada about taking psychedelics bought online, they pointed out:

“Psychedelics isn’t something new, especially mushrooms. They have been around for thousands of years and have been documented as spiritual and healing.”

Psychedelic use is ancient, predating placebo-controlled trials and government approval by thousands of years. The fact that psychedelic use is typical across cultures throughout history makes a compelling case for widespread access to psychedelics. 

Taking Psychedelics at Home

Of course, these compounds need to be used responsibly. Every company Frshminds talked to offers guidance on using their products safely. When we asked Organic Shrooms Canada about taking psychedelic substances without a professional, they offered some advice:

“I would suggest first-timers to take it slow and go at a comfortable pace (lower dosage). Having someone there to guide you is ideal, but if you are taking lower dosages, it is very manageable. Setting your environment is key to having a positive experience.”

It’s clear from browsing websites, talking to representatives, and reading instructions on packaging that no one is promoting a psychedelic free-for-all like the image painted of the 60s. MicrodoseMushrooms.ca explains that:

“Professionals and authorities are starting to realize these natural products have many benefits to them. Just like any strong substance, it is crucial to not abuse or take without knowledge or precautions.”

Are Grey Market Psychedelics Safe?

The mission of psychedelic dispensaries and microdosing mushrooms companies is to provide safe products with consistent quality. It’s a necessary service. Sourcing psychedelics on the black market is not everyone’s cup of tea. Growing is satisfying but takes practice; foraging is too, but that is dangerous without the proper knowledge. 

While psychedelics have been painted as dangerous for decades, products like psychedelic mushrooms and LSD are not known to be toxic, and overdosing would be extremely difficult. However, the dangers of psychedelics do lie with getting dosages correct. Founder of Organic Shrooms Canada shared his own experiences that motivated entry into the psychedelic space, along with the lessons learned from personal experimentation: 

“I had depression and anxiety and tried Mr. Stamets formula. It worked for me, but the formula definitely needed some tweaking before it was perfect. After experimenting with different ingredients, dosages, and blends, I shared some with friends and family. I had very positive feedback on how it has changed their life.”

These personal anecdotes are the pillar of microdosing research and momentum towards adoption. However, getting the details right can take experimentation. Preformulated, tested microdose formulas for those in need prove to be worthwhile business endeavors.

Why Grey Market Microdosing Mushrooms Companies Exist

The companies we talked to all expressed a desire to help others while sharing how rewarding their work is. “We believe psychedelic mushrooms have been misjudged for a long time,” MicrodoseMushrooms told us. “This is why our company aims to provide information, research, and access to and about microdosing mushrooms.”

Organic Shroom Canada too was created to provide people with a safe way to obtain medicine. “I would like to see a more widespread acceptance of this alternative medicine as it has helped a lot of clients of ours.” They also expressed their desire to provide “Better quality control and customer service as opposed to getting mushrooms off your street dealer.”

Blue Goba, too, brings the point home, relating that; 

“There certainly has been a flood of stories and feedback that I have received over the years, and hearing these stories is one of the best parts of the job – beyond rewarding. So perhaps it can be said that one of the primary reasons we have continued in the pursuit of excellence is hearing how effectively the products help people. “

Clearly, there is money to be made in the psychedelic space. Yet, there are also clear motives for helping people access to medicine and meaningful experiences in their lives. 

What is the Future of Microdosing?

The conversation around psychedelics, legalization, and microdosing is still in the early stages. The dialogue between a tightly regulated medical model, decriminalization, and recreation is ongoing. How exactly all the chips will fall is difficult to tell so early in the game, but the perspective of the current industry offers some insight.

When we asked where microdosing is going, Organic Shroom Canada told Frshminds, “I think microdosing will be accepted before recreational use for mushrooms.” Organic Shroom also pointed out mushrooms are already an accepted form of treatment for depression in Canada. Special access has been granted to people in hospice care, with great success. Although as of January 2022, it appears new rules are creating friction yet again for psilocybin in Canada.

Vincent from Blue Goba fleshed out some thoughts on the future with:

“I think microdosing could end up as something of a prescription model. If you think about it, there are already plenty of drugs that are psychoactive at high doses but are commonly prescribed at smaller doses. I think we just need the conclusion of more clinical trials, and microdosing various psychedelics will be approved as a more robust alternative to many meds.”

As for what the future holds, we will have to wait and see. The conversation around medicalization, decriminalization, and legalization is complex, with a lot of baggage attached. But, in the meantime, why not explore the merits of psychedelics for yourself? 

Below are well respected the companies we spoke to for this article. All offer innovative microdose formulas, tasty edibles, mushroom teas, or dozens of varieties of good old-fashioned dried shrooms. 

Contributing Companies

Blue Goba

Blue Goba is one of the oldest online psychedelic dispensaries, operating since 2007. Blue Goba has shown a commitment to providing resources explaining the latest research, how to safely consume mushrooms, along what to expect during the experience. 

Blue Goba grows its mushrooms in-house using cutting-edge mycology techniques. Their facility then turns this product into various custom microdose formulas, a wide selection of dried mushrooms, a range of teas, edibles, and more. Follow Vincent on Instagram at @Blue.Goba

Organic Shrooms Canada

Organic Shrooms Canada has been operating since 2015, providing people with a safe way to obtain alternative medicine. Organic Shrooms Canada utilizes their relationships with local, organic growers for fresh mushrooms while taking great care to carefully dry and store them for premium quality. 

Establishing itself as a trustworthy brand in the wild west of online dispensaries, all pictures on the Organic Shrooms website are of the actual product. Organic Shrooms Canada provides a line of natural microdose formulas, a variety of organic dried mushrooms, mushroom tea blends, edibles, and more.


MicrodoseMushrooms.com provides mushroom microdoses formulated for synergistic cognitive benefits science has yet to fully quantify. In their NeruoBlend Stack, they have applied the latest science to help you move through unwanted mental states and enter flow. They also offer mushroom fruit bodies, CBD, and non-psychoactive medicinal mushroom supplements. Check out their testimonials on Instagram @microdosemushrooms.canada

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