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Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms Near Me

With the rise of psychedelics, the frequency with which the term “Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms Near Me” is searched is ever-increasing. Dispensaries are popping up all over North America, positioning themselves to hopefully ride the next big wave of the psychoactive plants and fungi people want.

Public enthusiasm and demand for psychedelics has never been higher as solid science and backing of the FDA have shown psychedelics as a new option for a mental health system unable to tackle current struggles.

Are Mushrooms Legal in Canada?

Before north of the border psychonauts dive in the search results generated by their “Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms Near Me” query, you should know a few legal items. Magic Mushrooms are not legal in Canada, although some cities are moving towards decriminalizing psychedelics, meaning the compounds would be the lowest priority for law enforcement. Online dispensaries serve the country and exist in a legal grey area, while storefronts operate in broad daylight in Vancouver. 

Access to mushrooms in Canada saw progress in 2021 when the minister of health allowed terminal patients access to psilocybin, assisted by Therapsil, which has so far achieved legal access for 80 patients. However, as of early 2022, Health Canada has changed the rules again, and at least eight requests have been denied.

Many are optimistic about psychedelics becoming legal in the long term, but if mushrooms are to follow in the footsteps of cannabis, it seems likely a medical model will first be established with strict licensing closely monitored by authorities. 

We asked those currently working in the industry, STEM Chocolates, who are optimistic:

“We believe decriminalization of small amounts of all substances is coming very soon. The final proposal for decriminalization was submitted to Health Canada requesting an exemption from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) under the provision of section 56(1).” 

Vancouver and British Columbia

Many of the dispensaries and products listed on FrshMinds originate in Vancouver. Our friends at STEM Chocolate expressed how “excited and blessed it is to be in a city at the forefront of this industry. Vancouver seems to have a trend of pushing these industries forward, as it was the same with cannabis a few years ago.”

There are now several psilocybin storefronts in Vancouver. While the Vancouver police department has openly acknowledged to the press the existence of the dispensaries, they have chosen to prioritize Vancouver’s organized crime trafficking operations and the opioid crisis.

Medical Mushroom Dispensary – The first mushroom dispensary was opened by Dana Larsen in 2020 with a focus on microdosing. Larsen has been an outspoken advocate for cannabis and psilocybin, calling for “civil disobedience” until mushrooms are available.

Fungi Shop – carries a variety of functional medicinal mushrooms and psychedelic products like chocolates, gummies, and tea. The owner reported to Global News that “Ironically, the police have only dropped in to ask if the shop is illegally selling cannabis.” 

Mushroom Cuts – is a “premium barbershop and botanical mushroom house” with a selection of locally produced dried mushrooms, candy, chocolate, and microdoses. Twenty percent of all sales go to the Antares United Foundation for humanitarian aid.

Toronto and Central Canada

Toronto Board of Health submitted a request to Health Canada to allow for possession of drugs for personal use on Jan 4, 2022. A push for legal psychedelics was included in the initiative by MAPS Canada. However, it is unclear if psilocybin mushrooms will be allowed should the measure succeed.

In the meantime, we couldn’t find evidence online of storefronts with psilocybin mushrooms openly operating in Toronto. Some well-established delivery services operating within the GTA exist that may offer psilocybin mushrooms that can be found online.

Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms Near Me If You Live In The US

Unlike Canada, in the United States, sourcing psychedelics is a more delicate process – as in, it’s far stricter. On a federal level, mushrooms and most other psychedelics are illegal. However, some states are moving in a different direction. Legitimate online dispensaries are difficult to vet, and very few, if any, brick-and-mortar locations can be found through regular channels. However, certain hotspots have been developing as more regions move towards decriminalization, with access points developing.


While Denver was the first city in North America to decriminalize psychedelics, Oregon forged ahead with building out legal psychedelic therapy and access models. After passing Measure 109, which allows for the use of psilocybin under licensed professionals. How exactly this model will roll out is still being examined by an advisory board looking at fair access, at-home service, and training for facilitators.

While many states are looking to Oregon for their own legal psychedelic models, dispensaries for psychedelic mushrooms like Oregon, however, are not something the legal conversations are interested in. When searching for dispensaries in Portland, we found this comment on Reddit:

“As a dispensary worker in Portland, I can confidently say this is NOT happening soon. Please quit calling and asking where you can get shrooms.”


Currently, there is a large push underway to have legal psychedelic access in California. The Decrimminalze California movement is gathering signatures for an initiative that would remove criminal penalties and allow certain psychedelics to be legally possessed, including mushroom spores. The bill is supported by Scott Weiner and has progressed through the second reading

While legalization would be a huge step, there are already a few areas of California where psychedelics are decriminalized.


Oakland made progress with decriminalizing psychedelics on June 4th, 2019. The Zide Door Church of Entheogenic Plants in Oakland began distributing mushrooms within a month. Zide Door uses psychedelic plants and fungi for religious purposes while following a “nondenominational, interfaith religion, The Church of Ambrosia.” However, despite their religious exemptions, the church was subject to a police raid. Zide Door is still functioning, and you can become a member.

Another community, Mykrodos, has emerged in Oakland with commitments to advocacy, education, and harm reduction. Mykrodos operates strictly on a donation basis, making it clear they do not have anything for sale.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz has long been a progressive hub for cannabis, being one of the first places marijuana was legally available for purchase with a medical license. The city council passed decriminalization making entheogenic plants and fungi the lowest priority for law enforcement and allowing for possession and cultivation of certain psychedelics.

However, this has not led dispensaries or delivery services to operate openly. As cultivation is legal, some retailers offer premade substrates for growing at home with impressive results. However, as mentioned, sourcing spores can be difficult in California.


While there are talks about statewide legalization in Colorado, there are several different proposals backed by Decriminalize Nature Boulder County and New Approach PAC, with various proposals – some focused only on psilocybin mushrooms and others including other entheogenic plants. These initiatives will be up for a vote in 2022.

However, as of March 2022, the only city with decriminalization is Denver. While a recent statement from the city called the legal cannabis industry “essential business,” the local law enforcement made an example of Kole Milner, who created Happy Fox Edibles, which cultivated and distributed magic mushrooms. Hence, it is challenging to locate storefront mushroom dispensaries in Denver or the rest of Colorado. 

Ann Arbor Michigan

On September 21st, 2020, Ann Arbor, Michigan, decriminalized magic mushrooms and other psychedelic plants with a unanimous vote by the city council. The move also included a push to halt the prosecution of those involved with psychedelic plants and fungi. 

The council was swayed by recent interest in the explosion of psychedelic research. In the wake of this decision, a community committed to helping residents of Ann Arbor to access psychedelic mushrooms was founded by Aurora, who used psilocybin mushrooms to treat her own PTSD.

“Nature is not against the law, many of these sacred mushrooms are found growing naturally in and around the Huron River watershed. People have an inalienable right to access natural medicine to heal themselves, their families, and their communities! We are developing a safer way to do this” – Aurora, founder of Arbor Shrooms

Massachusetts – Somerville, Cambridge, Northhampton

Massachusetts psilocybin is a Scheduled Class C drug with fairly severe potential penalties at the state level. However, several cities – Somerville, Cambridge, and Northhampton have successfully passed legislation decriminalizing naturally occurring psychedelic plants.

Purchasing magic mushrooms from a storefront dispensary in Massachusetts is not something Frshminds could find even any rumors of. There is, however, a thriving mycology scene in the state with potential psychedelic shrooms available for foraging.

Washington DC

DC voted yes to Initiative 81, which effectively decriminalized psilocybin and several other entheogenic plants after a big push from Decriminalize Nature. While this has not been a green light for mushrooms dispensaries, the rumors we found online suggest that an industry of purchasing items like stickers that happen to come with a free mushroom chocolate bar has popped up. This approach was the precursor to legal cannabis dispensaries in DC.

Washington State

While Seattle has decriminalized psychedelics, we haven’t been able to locate a storefront location for the city, although rumors of delivery services exist. Washington is waiting to see the outcome of Bill 5660 introduced to the Senate as of March 2022 and is not without support. With language similar to Oregon’s licensing approach and emphasis on psychedelic-assisted therapy, psilocybin could be legal in 2024.

An advocacy group, Adapt Wahington in Spokane, is also pushing for legalization with Initiative 1886. However, all these initiatives are several years away from implementation, making the legendary foraging and cultivation opportunities of the Pacific Northwest still the best.

Where Else Are Mushrooms Legal in America?

As you can see, legal or open options for obtaining psychedelic mushrooms are still very limited. However, on the legalization and decriminalization front, many new initiatives are appearing in New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, and Kansas, with more states sure to follow.

Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms Near Me: The Answer

While the stigma of psychedelics is lifting gradually, there are still not a lot of clubs or storefronts. Online is still the best option, particularly if you are in Canada. However, be sure to vet any online company or use the Frshminds database to find trustworthy brands.

How exactly these substances will enter the greater public is still unclear, but changes are happening fast. So keep checking in to see what initiatives are happening in your area, as sometimes petitions, gatherings, or new business can use your support.

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