Microdosing Products: Guide to Mushroom Products

Guide to Mushroom Microdosing Products

If you are microdosing curious and have read Frshminds’ guide to microdosing, the next step in your adventure is discovering the abundance of microdosing products. While the current psychedelic industry is still in a wild west phase of growth, finding trusted brands, particularly in the online dispensary scene, can be difficult in 2022. That’s why FrshMinds has selected a few of our favorites with solid reputations and innovative products.

Trusted Companies and Getting the Microdosing Products Right

Finding reliable microdosing products is a key aspect of a positive microdosing experience. Even in tiny amounts, eating psilocybin should be taken seriously to avoid anxiety, confusion, or tripping at work. 

Preformulated products from accountable companies listed on Frshminds can remove the guesswork. However, microdose products vary in strength, and understanding exactly how much psilocybin is in your capsule, piece of chocolate, or gummy is necessary. 

Some microdosing formulas are increasingly complex, with many different ingredients, but in the beginning, stay focused on finding your “effective dose” for both safety and your desired results from the ranges below.

Sub-Perceptual Microdose

Technically, microdosing is supposed to be sub-perceptual – as in, you don’t feel it. Sub-perceptual is where to start as this is the approach to most drugs we regularly take, like aspirin.

Microdosing gurus say that it can take time for effects to work, so a dose that can be comfortably taken for weeks is what to establish. A product that gives you 50 – 100mg of psilocybin is probably a safe range.

Mini Doses or Museum Dose

Many favor a dose with slight psychedelic effects. This range can be helpful for creativity, social situations, or concerts as subtle effects of psychedelics can be felt – ideas, flow states, appreciation for art, music, and connecting with others.

Many products marketed as microdoses can have 250mg – 350mg of psilocybin mushrooms in them, which for some will create slightly altered states. A handy tool for self-experimentation is “variety packs” containing different dose ranges offered by several distributors below.

Psychedelic Mushroom Strains

Another key detail is understanding what mushroom species/strain is in your microdose. Psilocybin-containing mushrooms belong to various genera (group of species encompassing similar characteristics), with the psilocybe species being the most well known

Within this species is the most common commercially sold psilocybin-containing mushroom – psilocybe cubensis. With the rise of amateur mycology, there are now potentially hundreds of cubensis strains – all with unique potencies.

Strain Specific Microdose Capsules From Blue Goba

Paying attention to what mushroom strain you are taking is worthwhile, even as a microdose. Besides potency, many claim different strains create different altered states. For example, Blue Goba offers a range of strain-specific microdoses:

  • Golden Teacher – a classic cube and average potency, good place to start
  • Penis Envy – lab tests suggest PE can double the potency of your average shroom
  • Blue Meanies – reviewed as more extroverted, social, and fun
  • Mexi-Cube – known as a more “spiritual” experience with a heavy body buzz

Taking one of Blue Goba’s 250mg capsules, which they label a “mini-dose,” will be felt by many. Two or three have the potential to bring some people into a full psychedelic experience.

While complex stacks and sleek products below are tempting, simply getting to know how your body reacts to psilocybin and different strains of cubensis is an important starting point to microdosing.

MicrodoseMushroom.com Multi Mushroom Blends

MicrodoseMushooms.com has created the Neuro Stack, which builds on the ideas of pioneering mycologist Paul Stamets, who created the  Stamets Stack by adding a psilocybin microdose, medicinal lions mane, and B vitamin niacin. Stamets suggests that taking various medicinal mushrooms together could work in synergy.

MicrodoseMushrooms has covered the basis by combining various strains of psilocybin-containing mushrooms’ with potent functional mushrooms:

  • Lion’s Mane – also associated with longevity, immune support, cognitive enhancement, and a long list of other benefits
  • Chaga – stacking up the immune support Chaga also has heart, digestion, and anti-stress properties, to name a few benefits of another powerhouse fungus


Nootropics are compounds used to improve cognitive function. Also called “smart drugs,” the biohacking community has popularized these concepts, often creating novel combinations to try and achieve different effects in a “stack.”

This approach is gaining momentum in the psychedelic market, and many companies are offering combinations of ancient herbs, novel research chemicals, and sub-perceptual psychedelic doses. 

Stacks from Organic Shroom Canada

Organic Shroom Canada’s formulas emerged from extensive personal experimentation before sharing with family and friends and then releasing products they stand behind.

Their line of microdose products combines psilocybin mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs from Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic traditions, and other popular compounds used by biohackers.

One such blend, “Mellow,” is designed with lower psilocybin concentration (50mg) for gentle experimentation of new users or those who are more sensitive. Inside the stack is:

  • Ginger Root – is an excellent combo with mushrooms for ease of digestion 
  • Ginseng – in Traditional Chinese Medicine this adaptogen root balances energy levels, soothes adrenal fatigue, and boosts GABA, which eases stress and improves mood
  • Ginkgo Biloba – leaves of the Ginkgo tree are a cognitive enhancer also from Chinese Medicine thought to improve mood, memory, and prolong attention spans
  • Choline Bitrate – aids in production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator thought to boost motivation, improve attention, memory, learning, and regulate sleep

Aphrodisiac Stack From Think Mushrooms

The combination of psychedelics with nootropics is a new area with much to be still explored. The team over at Think Mushrooms has developed the Intimate Blend, with an aphrodisiac stack backed by centuries of tradition and modern research. Think Mushrooms combines your choice of 100 – 200mg of psilocybin mushrooms with:

  • Damiana – potent aphrodisiac with a long history in traditional medicine around the globe with libido enhancing flavonoids contained an active extract
  • Horny Goat Weed – a herb used in traditional medicine to treat erectile dysfunction containing the compound icariin, a vasodilator shown to improve blood flow to erogenous zones
  • Maca – from the Peruvian Andes, this plant relieves sexual dysfunction and can increase sperm count and motility. May improve hormone function in females, supporting sexual function and drive within users.

STƏM Artisanal Chocolate Bars

We are expecting to see a lot more psychedelic chocolate bars in the next few years. However, the bar is set high with premium quality products on the market. Inspired by their own psychedelic experimentation, STƏM Chocolate was “tired of seeing melting faces on boxes, or the same generic rainbow colors.” STƏM saw an opportunity to disrupt this market and created a microdose experience presented in a more elevated and approachable way.

STƏM chocolate bars are created by combining celebrated mushrooms strains and sustainably harvested Belgian Callebaut chocolate into flavors like Strawberry Fields, Matcha Cha Cha, Cookies and Cream, to name just a few. Reviewed as “dangerous” for the combination of “pleasure on the palate, that ends with improved cognition and personal growth.” 

Bars come in 3 or 6-gram potencies. For a microdosing experience, the bars are divided between 15 pieces, with each piece containing 200mg of psilocybin mushrooms. STƏM suggested dividing up your squares into halves or quarters for microdosing.


There are always chewy, flavourful gummies if capsules or chocolate don’t appeal. This is another market exploding as psilocybin extract finds its way into these chews, following the trend of non-psychedelic functional mushrooms in gummie form.

SHAFFA is advocating for the conscious consumption of psychedelic mushrooms offering resources for coaching and integration to compliment microdose or higher dose experiences.

The SHAFFA crew collaborated with a pastry chef to create a pleasant gastronomical experience with blueberry and mango peach-flavored gummies. SHAFFA carries several strains – Golden Teacher, Penis Envy, Blue Meanies, and several different microdose formulas.

Make Your Own Microdosing Products

If you are the more DIY type, check out the FrshMinds Microdose Guide for instructions on making your microdoses with your mushrooms. With some basic supplies making your own is a doable project; Spores Lab summed it up with, “There is something special about taking the time and care to produce your own medicine, and I believe this connection adds to the therapeutic value of the medicine.”

Dried Mushrooms

Sourcing psychedelic mushrooms has never been easier. Many of the companies we listed here can provide dried mushrooms. The biggest selection of strains can be found at Blue Goba and Organic Shroom Canada, which also carry many of the other products listed here. 

Grow Your Own

Growing mushrooms is fantastic. As Spores Lab puts it, “For those who wish to access the healing powers of mushrooms, there is no substitute for growing your own.” Getting started with a full growing setup can be intimidating but using a grow kit is an easy way to start.

Spores Lab has created the Master Culture Grow Kit to get you started at home with a digital instruction manual. With no need to invest in a pressure cooker or other gear, this grow kit still gives you a taste of the cultivation process, and within a few weeks, you can have your shrooms. 

Enjoy your Microdosing Experiment by Being Safe

While all these brands are committed to creating quality, safe products, it is worth mentioning that research on psilocybin and particularly taking mushrooms every day is new. Psilocybin is not considered toxic unless an exceptionally high dose is taken, far more than is included in these packages. 

However, to improve your chances of a positive experience, the best practice is to follow a recognized protocol when using microdosing products. A couple of final reminders:

  • Buy only from reputable distributors; it’s still easy to get ripped off online. FrshMinds’ dispensary and product listings are trusted sources
  • Know what dose works for you. This may take some experimentation
  • Be aware of how potent the strain of mushroom you are taking is
  • Do your research on other ingredients in stacks, and if you are unsure how a compound will interact in your body, talk to a professional
  • If you have cardiac risks, speak with your doctor before taking psychedelics
  • Don’t mix these microdosing products with pharmaceuticals or other drugs

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