Eva Césarová PSYRES

Talking Psychedelics: Eva Césarová of PSYRES

Welcome to “Talking Psychedelics”, where Frshminds takes you on a deep dive with the driving forces shaping the psychedelics industry. Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Eva Césarová of PSYRES: Psychedelic Research Foundation. As someone who admits that she originally tried psychedelics in all the wrong context, she came to learn about the healing potential of these substances, and has dedicated her life to them.

In addition to being in the Ph.D. programme at the Faculty of Arts and the Department of Addictology, Charles University, focusing on the ritual use of psychedelics in the Czech context, she is the co-founder of CZEPS (Czech Psychedelic Society), an organizer of psychedelic events and a media representative of psychedelic research at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

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