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Talking Psychedelics: Luc van Poelje of Psychedelic Insights

Welcome to “Talking Psychedelics”, where Frshminds takes you on a deep dive with the driving forces shaping the psychedelics industry. Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Luc van Poelje of Psychedelic Insights. Luc had a life changing experience with Psilocybin and Ayahuasca in 2013. and started Psychedelic Insights to provide trip guides to help clients navigate altered states of consciousness.

The following interview has been edited for clarity and brevity

What is your mission? What are you trying to accomplish?

What we do, we define as “the psychological guidance of psychedelics”; We are trying to accelerate the tipping point of human consciousness, one person at a time.

What geographical areas do you service?

Psychedelic Insights
Psychedelic Insights is an Amsterdam based psychedelic guide service.

Anyone who is willing to come to The Netherlands. We provide group psychedelic sessions in a yurt tent or on a farm location near a nature reserve and our private sessions are done in a tiny house/hotel located in Amsterdam in order to assure privacy. Our clients come from the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland, Sweden, Germany, all over the world. Surprisingly, there are few Dutch people and more local expats who come to us.

What led you, personally, to this organization? Why are you involved?
I am the founder – CEO. I personally experienced the immense life changing potential of psychedelics back in 2013. Since 2017 I am busy full time working on providing science based protocols to clients for the optimized outcome of our sessions with legal psychedelic psilocybin magic truffles. I love for people to have these experiences that leave them in awe, feeling love and a sense of bliss. Seeing them changed and in peace.

What are some of your greatest success stories as an organization?

We have a few experience worth sharing with others as hopefully it will inspire them to explore themselves more. Since we started, we have probably worked with over 300 people, and almost all of our truffle consumers experienced a profound sense of change. But in the fall of 2021 we were asked to design a special protocol to see what impact truffles would have on 9 former members of the military, suffering from PTSD. The results were quite spectacular. A big decline in PTSD, even one month later. A big decline in anxiety, even two months later. And on and on and on.

Which companies or organizations are doing some of the most interesting work in the industry today? What gets you excited for the future?

It is more about which elected officials will promote law changes to help the electorate allow for plant medicinal experiences. Let veterans have access. Let the addicted heal. Help people with depression and anxieties. Chronic illnesses can be aided by easing end of life distress. Why not allow this? What do they fear? So much potential will change society as a whole, I believe.

Have you participated in any industry events recently? Were there interesting speakers that you want to hear more from? Did you meet some great people who deserve a shout out?
My last event was with Royal Netherlands Marine Corps veterans and speakers on PTSD. I see a lot of veterans finding their own way as to what works for them. Many find plant medicine solutions for their suffering and healing. It seems like a grass root movement. Many heroes are speaking out. I feel many more are following their example. As do people who were taking conventional medications for their depression, anxiety or OCD. They consult their doctors to find their way to organizations such as ours. It is happening. So I do not see many speakers besides people speaking out about their own journey and suffering. To me, these are the unsung heroes.

What changes are you seeing in this industry over the last few years? What’s most striking to you?

Many investments go toward so-called R&D businesses that chase patents as slight alterations of a molecule or even protocols are patented in a gold rush for capital return. There is already a shake up with more people becoming more knowledgeable about plant medicines and their role in our cultural historic and religious evolution. The role of spirituality and consciousness cannot be left out of the dialogue about psychedelics. It implicates human evolution, philosophy and spirituality in ways that open up these subjects on a broader scale. This is reflected in new companies and business leaders that have undergone the experiences. Who understand the nuances and who seem open to other ways of positioning their businesses to disadvantaged minorities groups and others that cannot normally access these compounds legally and safely.

What changes do you foresee in the next few years?

I hope to firstly see us do research (with all clients) in collaboration with local universities. Also I foresee compounds such as psilocybin mushrooms and truffles be used for people suffering end of life distress and more benefit and insights into the anti inflammatory properties of some psychedelics. ALS, cancer, MS and many other chronic illnesses seem candidates for work with psychedelics to ease the suffering. I see science study the physical effects of psychedelic experiences, in the body, the vagus nerve and its role and even the effects on our blood and liver. I think we have just begun. But remember psychedelics are illegal for political reasons, not scientific. Let’s demand more distinction, openness and ways out of the political sin-bin, these sacred compounds find themselves in.

If you want to learn more about Luc van Poelje and Psychedelic Insights, his contact information can be found on his Frshminds listing page.

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