Lilli Steingraeber of ProviThor

Talking Psychedelics: Lilli Steingraeber of ProviThor

Welcome to “Talking Psychedelics”, where Frshminds takes you on a deep dive with the driving forces shaping the psychedelics industry. Curious what it would be like to change careers and start selling magic truffles? Well, wonder no longer as today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Lilli Steingraeber, the entrepreneur behind ProviThor, a smartshop based in the Netherlands. Listen in as she describes what motivated her to get into the business and where she sees the industry going in the future.

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About the Author

Josh has diverse background with a combination of formal training in both healthcare and business administration. Currently the CTO of Frshminds, he has a life long interest in alternative approaches to healthcare as well as technology development. Prior to working on Frshminds, he was the CTO of Lift & Co, a cannabis information site and ran Extreme Innovations, the in house software development services company of Extreme Venture Partners, one of the most successful early stage venture investors in Canada. Since becoming interested in psychedelics, Josh has explored microdosing, mushroom cultivation and was responsible for building out Frshminds' mushroom species guide.

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