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Experience the science-backed power of a psilocybin retreat with Beckley Retreats in the Netherlands. Beckley Retreats offers transformational change through the ceremonial use of psilocybin, holistic wellbeing modalities and meditation practices. For over 25 years, The Beckley Foundation has been researching the healing potential of psychedelics, instilling a belief that personal transformations clear the way for evolution. Beckley Retreats is ready to help you on your own personal evolutionary journey. Join them in a beautiful, natural setting where psilocybin is legal. 

Beckley Retreats offers retreats in Jamaica as well as in The Netherlands. Through years of experience, they have developed an optimal program focused on 5 pillars: Meditation, Clean eating, Nature, Breathwork and Mindful movement. Daily guided meditation classes encourage the practice of present moment awareness and contribute to nervous system regulation. Healthy, nutrient-dense meals allow the body to be nourished, cleansed, and fortified, supporting your experience with psilocybin. Access to nature cultivates greater openness, expansion, creativity, connection and resilience, particularly when working with psilocybin. Guided breathing relieves stress, promotes relaxation, oxygenates the body, and unearths emotions in preparation for psilocybin ceremony. Mindful movement such as restorative yoga increases energy flow and facilitates deep body-mind awareness. This program increases wellbeing, safety and prepares you for your commune with nature. 


Our Processes


Your journey at Beckley Retreats begins at home, with a 4-week virtual program that takes place in the month leading up to the retreat. Group sessions, one-on-one support, guided activities and resources help you get ready for your upcoming journey. Participants enjoy getting to know one another prior to the retreat.


Each session centre around 5 evenings of powerful time for growth and incorporate two, 6-hour psilocybin ceremonies with breath work, meditation and other transformational practices for an optimal experience. The intimate setting and group experience provides positive influence on your well-being.


Your experience at the retreat with psilocybin is only really the beginning of your journey. Beckley Retreat’s integration program includes weekly group sessions, short daily practices, and science-backed techniques to help you sustain and integrate your retreat experience. Participants appreciate fostering an ongoing connection with their retreat group and find the ongoing support to be critical to their overall experience.

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Beckley Retreats

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