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Journeyman Collective: Unlock Growth with Psilocybin

As a former banker and venture capitalist, I have personally experienced the benefits of microdosing psilocybin and attended a psilocybin retreat with TJMC in Kelowna, Canada in September 2022. In this article, I will share my insights on TJMC’s psilocybin-based transformational process.

Looking for a unique way to boost your personal and professional development? Consider a psilocybin retreat with The Journeyman Collective (TJMC). Led by Rob Grover and Gary Logan, TJMC offers a transformational journey through the power of psilocybin, commonly known as magic mushrooms. During my solo journey with The Journeymen Collective, I had the privilege of spending four days with Rob Grover and Gary Logan, which involved participating in two ceremonies powered by magic mushrooms. The experience was truly extraordinary and unforgettable.

What is a Shaman?

Before diving into the TJMC journey, let’s discuss the role of a shaman. A shaman’s intention is to heal individuals by guiding them through altered states of consciousness. In the context of a psilocybin journey, Rob and Gary act as guides, not sitters, as they help individuals explore their being and heal themselves.

How are Rob and Gary Modern Shamans?

Rob and Gary have extensive experience in personal development, from Gary’s theater school training at 17 to Rob’s work with a spiritual teacher 20 years ago. Despite having unconventional backgrounds, Rob, a trained engineer and former corporate executive, and Gary, a former professional actor, they have dedicated themselves to guiding others through transformational journeys with psilocybin.

Supporting Businesspeople: TJMC’s Clientele

TJMC’s services cater to a range of clients, including entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals. As work is at the core of daily life, TJMC focuses on helping individuals navigate their personal and professional lives with a purpose-driven approach. The integration of knowledge received on the journey, TJMC’s clients become increasingly conscious of their true selves and their engagement in real-life situations.

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7 facts about magic mushrooms
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What is a Journey?

A TJMC journey consists of three main steps:

  • Preparation,
  • Four days in-person in Kelowna, and
  • Integration.

Once clients pass the initial screening call, they undergo a four-week preparation period that includes cleansing their body, mind, and spirit by reducing alcohol, tobacco, red meat, sugar, and other indulgences. During this period, clients have weekly calls with Rob and Gary and access online preparation training via recorded videos.

The four-day in-person journey begins with the first ceremony, where clients ingest psilocybin after stating their intention for the journey. Clients then experience an altered state of consciousness for 7+ hours while being guided by Rob and Gary. The second day is dedicated to integration through activities like journaling, hiking, and meditating. The second ceremony is similar to the first, and happens on the third day, but is less intense due to experiencing the release of emotions and traumas from the first ceremony

On the fourth day of the retreat, Rob and Gary accompanied me to a French bakery where I indulged in a butter croissant, making the day all the more enjoyable. However, the following day marked the end of my time with Rob, Gary, and their adorable cat Atlas, and it was time for me to depart and start the real work.

In the months following the journey, clients work closely with Rob and Gary to fully integrate the lessons they learned during the retreat. While the transformational process does not happen overnight, clients are supported in their journey towards embodying their “New” Self that has been freed from past traumas and emotions. The integration process is crucial as it allows clients to apply what they have learned to their daily lives. Rob and Gary’s guidance is vital in helping clients fully embrace their New Self, as it can be challenging to navigate one’s new center of gravity in the familiar surroundings of daily life.

What are the Benefits?

The journey can help clients release old pains, leading to physical healing such as improved mobility. Emotionally, clients report being happier, with less anxiety and depression. They experience deeper connections with themselves and others, leading to better personal relationships. Some report a reignition of their sex life. With a better understanding of passion and purpose, business and career decisions become more aligned. Improved clarity, intuition, and ability to take action also support clients in their careers and personal lives by allowing them to make faster and better decisions.

What Can You Expect From a Journey

If you are in search of a silver bullet or a quick fix, this isn’t it. Clients can use this tool to accelerate and intensify the process of releasing past traumas, grief, depression, anxiety, limiting beliefs, programming, and fears from their bodies, minds, and spirits. Through the journey, clients can discover a more authentic version of themselves. Clients have complete control over their decisions, and regardless of the vision, they can choose to follow it or not.

What is the Experience Like?

During a journey, clients may experience discomfort as they confront their inner selves and past experiences.

Although physical and emotional healing may occur during a journey, embodying the wisdom gained and the emergence of a “new” self takes time and is not immediate. The integration process is essential to maximizing the benefits of a journey.

Without applying the learnings to their daily lives, the value of the journey will not be fully realized. Psilocybin, found in magic mushrooms that have been used for centuries, aids in the release of what no longer serves us during the journey.

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A former banker and VC who now speaks and writes about the psychedelic industry & the benefits of microdosing psilocybin. I created The Microdose Diet - the 90-Day Plan for Success and Happiness.

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