psychedelic assisted therapy at home: Hillary Lin and Felix Li of Curio

Talking Psychedelics: Psychedelic Assisted Therapy At Home

Curious if you can do psychedelic assisted therapy at home? Join us today on “Talking Psychedelics”, where we sit down with two entrepreneurs whose goal it is to help you do just that!

Today we chat with Hillary Lin, MD and Felix Li,  the founders of Curio.  Curio, with current operations in Texas, New York and Michigan, provides patients with psychedelic assisted therapy at home. Listen in as Hillary and Felix talk with Frshminds’ CEO Matei Olaru about:

  • Why they started the platform.
  • What patients can expect when trying psychedelic assisted therapy.
  • How the outcomes of psychedelic therapy are set before you even try the actual drugs.
  • Why psychedelics are a transformative tool.

Explore the fascinating link between psychedelics and mental health in our Ultimate Psychedelics and Mental Wellness Guide!

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