Dick Simon Ceo and co-founder of Sensorium Therapeutics

Talking Psychedelics: Dick Simon of Sensorium Therapeutics

Join us today on “Talking Psychedelics”, where we chat with Dick Simon, co-founder and CEO of Sensorium Therapeutics, a platform for looking at the potential of the hundreds of plants and fungi that have a long history of human use in order to deliver treatment at large scale without therapists. Tune in as he talks with Frshminds’ own Matei Olaru and learn how:

  • He got involved in the psychedelic industry.
  • Massachusetts General Hospital decided to purse psychedelic research.
  • Psychedelics are more of a medical procedure than a drug at this point in time.
  • He plans to reduce the cost of psychedelic medicine.
  • We need to learn how to communicate with those outside of the psychedelic bubble.

Our Ultimate Psychedelics and Mental Wellness Guide offers a comprehensive view of the role of psychedelics in mental health!

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