Gd Flou

Gd Flou, near Uvita in southern Costa Rica, is a psilocybin retreat that seeks to bring healing and growth. Its founder, Joanna Williamson, discovered the power of psilocybin during her own healing journey. Psilocybin proved to be very helpful in removing the spiritual obstacles that were preventing her from growing beyond her trauma. She also discovered that she feels most fulfilled when she is able to share her expertise in the service of others. Now, Joanna’s re:connect retreats are sculpted around her own multi-disciplinary experience and the successful outcomes of her clients. Yoga, sound therapy and meditation are all effective complementary modalities, and they are all present in your session with us.

I love witnessing the participant step into the kind of confidence they never thought they have, and begin to feel truly empowered to make a lasting change, move past the struggle they have been carrying for so long, and finally reach for what has been calling them. I am always in awe and deepest gratitude for this medicine when I witness ‘a puzzle slotting in’, when ‘something clicks’ for the participant, and they begin to see themselves and their loved ones in a completely different light.

Joanna, Founder

Re:connect retreats are hosted in a lush jungle and surrounded by nature. Our retreats are luxurious from top-to-bottom and designed to let you focus on nothing other than your journey. Our plant-based kitchen serves gorgeously prepared meals sourced from local ingredients. Close to waterfalls, hiking and the world-famous Punta Uvita beach just a short drive away, ours is a setting that offers something for everyone.

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Gd Flou

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