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Embark on a mind-expanding journey at our psychedelic retreat center by the ocean. Let the waves of inspiration collide with the colors of consciousness, as you explore new realms of thought and introspection. Here, the ocean's endless expanse mirrors the boundless potential of your inner voyage here at Resilience to Radiance Psychedelic Retreat in Alicante, Spain
, 6 Days
Resilience to Radiance plant medicine retreat near Alicante, Spain welcomes your participation in our immersive 5-day retreat designed exclusively by women for women. We celebrate...
Drenched in the beauty of both nature and friendship at the Small Falls retreat. Laughter echoes against the backdrop of cascading water, creating ripples of joy that mirror the gentle stream. Here, time stands still, and hearts are forever refreshed here at Church of Eternal Light Psychedelic Retreat in Austin, Texas
The Church of Eternal Light in Austin, Texas, is a psychedelic retreat that provides exceptional attention to the sounds, vibrations, and frequencies of your journey;...
Discover solace within these walls. Our retreat building beckons with open doors to a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation at Nektar Healing Retreat Los Angeles California
Nektar Healing's 7 Day Iboga Transformation in Los Angeles, California, takes a broad mindset to psychoactives and your wellness. After nearly 10 years of experience,...
The Psychedelic Journey in Santa Fe, New Mexico is the perfect place to go to in order to enrich your relationship with the sacred medicine....
Frshminds psychedelic retreats - pictures coming soon
The Church of Sacred Sacraments in Whitefish, Montana invites you to undergo a life-changing journey of spiritual transformation and growth. The principles of the Church...
Mountain view at Inner Light Dark Retreat in Crestone, Colorado
Inner Light Dark retreat hosts darkness retreats, a unique type of spiritual tradition, in Colorado. Darkness retreats are an ancient, advanced spiritual practice. Individuals enter...
The hot tub and sauna at Experience Ibogaine
Experience Ibogaine is an addiction treatment center with a spectacular view of the Rosarito beaches near Tijuana, Mexico. Led by a team of deeply experienced...
Anarerere psychedelic retreat playa del carmen mexico
Anarerere organizes custom Psychedelic Retreats in and around Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We recognize your individuality and the specific purpose of your journey. As everyone...
The grounds at Tandava 5-MeO-DMT Retreats in Tepoztlan Mexico
Tandava Retreats, by Kaivalya Kollectiv, are amongst the very first providers of 5-MeO-DMT therapy anywhere in Mexico. Set in the outskirts of the famous alternative...

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