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This retreat is designed exclusively to support and empower women who are reclaiming their relationship with themselves as they release or reconsider their current relationship....
Psychedelics have deep healing potential and the ability to help people feel more loving, connected, and alive. Odyssey provides legal, professionally guided psilocybin experiences because...
Escape to the warm glow of this beautiful retreat house, where relaxation and rejuvenation await here at Healing Through Psychedelic Retreat in Park City Utah, USA
Healing Through Psychedelics Retreat in Park City, Utah, distinguishes itself through a fusion of unique elements, with the exquisite natural backdrop being foremost. Our retreats...
Pachamama ayahuasca sanctuary retreats concord new hampshire united-states
The Pachamama Ayahuasca Sanctuary invites you to a life-changing 7-day retreat in Portland, Maine. Our community awaits to welcome you with open arms and to...
Frshminds psychedelic retreats - pictures coming soon
North Star Council is a psilocybin retreat in Vancouver, Washington, just outside of Portland, Oregon. At the core of our existence, there resides a powerful...
Escape the Everyday in this Architectural Marvel - A Contemporary Haven Awaits Your Arrival here at Union Tribe Church Psychedelic Retreat in Washington, D.C.
Union Tribe Church, a psychedelic retreat near Washington, D.C., is an inclusive spiritual and shamanic community founded in the nation’s capital. We are an all-women-led...
Lost in the serenity of nature's embrace, where mountains touch the sky and trees whisper ancient tales here at Journey with Jai Psychedelic Retreats in Denver, Colorado
Earth Journeys with Jai offers psychedelic retreats in Denver, Colorado. I am Jai Reese, an experienced, empathetic and inspiring individual who has discovered a passion...
The Women's Psychedelic Wellness Retreat: Finding Your Purpose & Passion plant medicine retreat in Steamboat Springs, Colorado caters to the woman seeking a safe and...
Drenched in the beauty of both nature and friendship at the Small Falls retreat. Laughter echoes against the backdrop of cascading water, creating ripples of joy that mirror the gentle stream. Here, time stands still, and hearts are forever refreshed here at Church of Eternal Light Psychedelic Retreat in Austin, Texas
The Church of Eternal Light in Austin, Texas, is a psychedelic retreat that provides exceptional attention to the sounds, vibrations, and frequencies of your journey;...
Inhale confidence, exhale doubt. The power of yoga is real at Operation: Heal Our Heroes, A Psilocybin Retreat in Hawaii
Operation: Heal Our Heroes is a psilocybin retreat in Hawaii geared towards Veterans, First Responders, and Medical Professionals with PTSD, Depression, or Trauma. Anyone over...

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