Church of Sacred Sacraments

The Church of Sacred Sacraments in Whitefish, Montana invites you to undergo a life-changing journey of spiritual transformation and growth. The principles of the Church are supported and defined in line with those of Red Road indigenous traditions, as well as the Bible and other spiritual texts. It is focused on honoring and promoting the wisdom and knowledge of indigenous communities as well as raising awareness and sensitivity around these.

We offer retreats that specialize in psychedelic sacraments, including ayahuasca, psilocybin and peyote. Furthermore, we have retreats that focus on guided meditations and prayer, traditional indigenous ceremonies, educational workshops, eco-adventures and many more! Take our hand and join us in our sacred space as we embark together on a journey of visionary expansion. Join our community and help us grow, creating a haven for profound connection and fellowship. We want to grow a nourishing environment where ancient wisdom is taught to modern minds, fostering deeper connections and personal growth. We are always open for new beings in our circles and appreciate any support or input for building our community!

Accommodation is offered in traditional tipis and sacred sweat lodges. Our mission is to develop low-cost low-maintenance ceremonial grounds for fostering our community.

Don’t hesitate and reach out to us today for this extra-ordinary experience!

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Church of Sacred Sacraments

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