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The Psychedelic Journey in Santa Fe, New Mexico is the perfect place to go to in order to enrich your relationship with the sacred medicine. My name is Gina, and I am trained in many different therapeutic modalities, including multiple forms of healing, yoga, art therapy, meditation, and internal family systems. I have a lot of experience in psychedelic guiding, coaching and integration, and focus on mind, spirit, body wholeness in order to help my clients make fundamental improvements to life challenges.

The Healing center at the top mountain at The Psychedelic Journey in Santa Fe New Mexico
The Healing Center at the top of a mountain at The Psychedelic Journey in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The psychedelic experience is deep and unfolds in layers. It is very complex to understand, and this process takes time. I offer preparation, coaching and integration services for those who are willing to traverse the experience and make the most out of it. By focusing on your needs and unearthing the deeper levels of your consciousness, we will direct you into a life where you build a more intimate and loving relationship with yourself and others.

Reach out for a discovery call and let’s start off on our journey together!

We work with people who are ready to pull back the layers of trauma and occlusion that our life organically installs within us over many years.

A warm welcome of Antique entrance gate at Psychedelic Journey in Santa Fe New Mexico
A warm welcome of Antique entrance gate at Psychedelic Journey in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sacred plant medicines in an intimate and safe container are supportive of this type of work. We will support you to safely dive as deeply as your most vulnerable inner aspects will allow.

The perfect place to go to in order to enrich your relationship with the sacred medicine at The Psychedelic Journey in Santa Fe New Mexico
The perfect place to go to to enrich your relationship with sacred medicine at The Psychedelic Journey in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Experience the fresh air at the top of mountain at The Psychedelic Journey in Santa Fe New Mexico
Experience the fresh air at the top of the mountain at The Psychedelic Journey in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


  • Duration: 2-4 day personal, curated retreats for individuals; weekend retreats for couples and small groups.
  • Location: This is a personal retreat experience in a private home, for individuals, couples and small intimate groups; The location is stunning, with vast open sky and mountain views. A sanctuary of solitude in the high desert. Hot tub, decks and nature. Gorgeous hiking options nearby - both mountain or desert terrain abounds.
  • The work: Gina provides a safe container to dive deeply into subconscious material that is unearthed through medicine work. She is skilled with supporting people through challenging life experiences that left a mark.
  • Gina is with you every step of the way. Therapeutic art making for integration. Amenities such as sound healing are on-site, massage and a wide variety of ancestral, shamanic, energy healers can be arranged to be brought to the retreat.

Our Processes

Substance sourcing

  • Mushrooms are grown for ceremonial use by a trusted local ally who maintains a consistent clean and well cared for growing environment.
  • Mushrooms are made into a tea for easy ingestion and digestion.
  • MDMA and LSD are tested and maintained through a local resource.

Intake / Prescreening Process

  •  Initial conversation with Gina
  •  Complete extensive health and life history document
  •  As needed, discuss current medications, As needed, some prospective retreat attendees may be referred to a psychedelic informed pharmacologist to create a customized plan for titrating off of certain medications prior to the psychedelic journey


I speak with every retreat attendee personally to create connection and safety over an agreed upon time leading up to the journey. Everyone is different, in terms of the amount of preparation they need, however the usual time frame for preparation is 3-6 weeks and 2-4 prep sessions via zoom. We will collaborate to create an experience that is appropriate for your needs.


  • Ceremonies are customized to your life and spiritual beliefs.
  • We will discuss this in advance and create the elements of your ceremony together so that your needs are well met.
  • There may be components of the ceremony that include sound healing instruments, sage, incense or sweetgrass, calling in of supportive master teachers or guides, prayers, an altar, crystals, etc.


While each individual has different needs for integration, I generally recommend a minimum of 2 integration sessions with me following a journey. Integration is the most important aspect of a journey because it’s how we walk it all through in our lives that creates lasting impact.


  • For individuals or a couple, there is a private bedroom and separate full bathroom at the opposite end of the home from the guide’s accommodations.
  • Alternate full bathroom will be available during the daytime.
  • For small group retreats, there are 1 private bedroom (queen bed), 1 loft (full bed), and exterior “glamping” (queen bed) available (tents and all bedding are provided).
  • Retreats with exterior options are only available during the temperate months.
  • Hot tub on the premises. At 7,500 feet above sea level, we have 180 degree sweeping views of the valley below and surrounding mountains.
  • There is a walking trail from the home. The home has a large common area with sofa, chairs and communal dining area.
  • The home is classic Santa Fe style architecture, with beautiful nature features. Several Buddhist Thangkas and original artwork are placed throughout the home. Sound healing instruments, including gongs are on-site.


Which costs are included in the retreat price

  • All ceremonies

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

50% deposit made at time of booking. 100% refund given if cancelled within 48 hours. No refund after 48 hours from booking. Final payment due in full 2 weeks prior to retreat.

How do you calculate dosage of plant medicine and substances?

We weigh medicines on a scale. Each individual is unique and their past experience with medicines and known sensitivities are taken into great consideration.

What is not included in the cost of your services?

Transportation of any kind is generally not included, although pickup from Santa Fe airport can be arranged in most cases.

How do guests get to your retreat and/or place of business?

Uber or rental car are the best ways to get here from the Albuquerque airport. There is an airport shuttle from Albuquerque which drops you nearby and from there, pickup can be arranged in most cases.


You can send your enquiry via the form below.

The Psychedelic Journey

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