Inner Light Dark Retreat

6 Days


Inner Light Dark retreat hosts darkness retreats, a unique type of spiritual tradition, in Colorado. Darkness retreats are an ancient, advanced spiritual practice. Individuals enter a completely blacked out space for 3+ days, rest and fall deep into themselves.

Inner light is unique. We hold a safe and supported space where the individual dives deeper. This vessel explores the eternal Divine womb of no-thing. Pre and post-retreat sessions help each person to feel prepared and integrate their experience. On-site check-ins and food delivery create a security net while in the Dark.

I am motivated to bring this experience to the US and provide a space for this deep work for those who feel the call. I support practitioners with a very light touch. I let the Dark and the individual guide each unique experience. I am present as energetic support at all times. I hold the container as questions, emotions, and experiences arise for each individual.

I am in service to the Dark and to those who enter her sacred medicine.

I am Britt, an artist and mystic who has spent 25+ days in the Dark. I channel and transmit cosmic energies and am also trained in various energy work modalities.


  • One of two Dark Retreats in the USA.
  • No substance use required, its completely legal!
  • Deep, healing sleep and reset.
  • Profound inner insights and releasing of fear and trauma.
  • Its all you, visions and awareness do not come form outside or via a medicine, just our own amazing bodies!

Our Processes

Cabins are build specifically for Dark retreats.

Intake and Screening Process

Online application through

Preparation Process

Preparation call and emails catered to each individual and what they are hoping to get out of their time in the Dark.


Each stay is dynamic and responds to each individual and also depends on the length of time in the Dark. In general, retreaters will experience deep sleep and rest for the first three days. Also common is lucid dreaming and waking visual states.


Integration on site is mandatory for at least one day as one reintroduces and acclimates back to the light. A week or two after leaving the dark, retreaters have one 1 hour reintegration call with Britt.


Private, quiet and simple cabins nested in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range near the small town of Crestone, Colorado. Cabins are specifically built for Dark room retreats. There are 3 small cabins with single beds and one double bed cabin.

Facility at Inner Light Dark Retreat in Crestone, Colorado
Accommodation for guests

Private cabins include bathroom, shower, kitchen, alter space, yoga mat and desk. Blacked out tea kettle and fridge. There is a community house on site for pre and post retreat with art supplies and support.

Washroom at Inner Light Dark Retreat in Crestone, Colorado
The washroom
Kitchen area at Inner Light Dark Retreat in Crestone, Colorado
Kitchen area


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • Transportation

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • Accommodation,
  • Food
  • Light support.
  • This retreat is largely self-guided.


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

The payment is non-refundable. However, I will have a waitlist going and if I can rebook your spot I will issue a refund for you for the dates covered by the new booking.

Do you provide transportation to the retreat?

Crestone is located in south-central Colorado. The closest major airports are Colorado Springs (3 hrs.) Denver (4 hrs.) and Albuquerque (5 hrs.). Alamosa has a small commuter airport serviced by Boutique Air, a codeshare partner with United Airlines, about an hour from Crestone.

Most people rent a car after flying into one of the above airports, but Bustang provides daily bus service to and from Denver.

Airport pickup is available from Alamosa or nearby towns within an hour drive.

What procedures do you have in place to manage medical emergencies?

Moffat Family Health Center: Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc. is the nearest Medical Center located at 545 Moffat Way, Moffat, CO 81143


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Inner Light Dark Retreat

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