Large magic mushroom species with thick stems

Ten Popular Magic Mushroom Species

There are hundreds of psychedelic mushroom species. It can be difficult to sort through all the options, so we compiled a list of ten popular magic mushroom species from Frshminds.

Keep in mind that reports of magic mushroom experiences are highly subjective, and individual set and setting likely play a larger role than species. However, as there is some speculation different species could eventually be favoured for specific purposes, and because it’s fun, we have included what reviews we could find of specific strains.

Hillbilly Magic Mushroom

Psilocybe: Hillbilly Cubensis by Organic Shrooms Canada

Hillbilly Cubensis was so-named because ‘Rednec…’…nevermind. Actually, they originated from Arkansas – still potentially offensive to Arkansans.

The species has long been popular because, in the words of one of our community members, “it’s way stronger then other Cubes – very, very intense good times.” Its advocates refer to the Hillbilly as a source of great euphoria.

Their popularity seemed to peak in the 2000’s; they are making their way back to prominence as online retailers go ever-deeper into the subspecies catalogue to bring novelty to their customers.

Menace Magic Mushroom

Psilocybe Cubensis Menace Magic Mushrooms

Menace magic mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Menace) may sound scary, but the “menace” in question was the last name of the farmer who originally found them, a Texan with the surname Menace.

Known as a potent species that reliably elicits transcendent experiences, effects include intense visual hallucinations and profound insights.

Menace magic mushrooms have great yield, tend to colonize quickly, have rhizomorphic mycelium, and often produce quite large fruiting bodies.

Oak Ridge Magic Mushroom

oak ridge magic mushrooms

Oak Ridge cubensis were found growing near a nuclear power plant just outside of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

They are said to be easy to cultivate due to its resistance to infection and aggressive colonization. Growers can expect average amounts of spores.

The stems are tall and slender, with orange-brown caps. The colour may become change upon maturity. The potency of this species is regarded as above average, with a significant body load, euphoria, and visuals.

Pink Buffalo Magic Mushroom

Psilocybe Cubensis Pink Buffalo Magic Mushrooms

Like their cousins, the Thai Cubensis magic mushroom, Pink Buffalo cubensis was found on the lush, tropical Thai island of Koh Samui, and the first specimens were found in a field reputed to be inhabited by the Sacred Pink Buffalo.

The body of the mushroom is larger than average. The caps take on hints of red and brown.

The potency of Pink Buffalo magic mushroom is considered average, with effects similar to those of other Southeast Asian species like rapid onset, striking visuals, and less body load.

Ban Hua Thanon Magic Mushroom

Ban Hua magic mushrooms

Ban Hua Thanon was discovered by John Allen off the coast of Vietnam on Ban Hua Thanon Island, where it grows in rice paddies, fruiting from early July to late August.

These mushrooms produce fruits in small but dense patches. Caps are rounded and yellowish in colour, while stems are slender and round. This species is a heavy spore depositor and colonizes at moderate speed. Ban Hua Thanon is considered easy to cultivate due to its resistance to high temperatures. 

Effects are said to be similar to other Thai species, fast acting but mild effects with vivid visuals and deep inner awareness, and a lighter body load than other cubensis strains.

Hanoi Magic Mushroom

Hanoi Magic Mushrooms

Hanoi was first collected growing in a pile of dung and straw in North Vietnam. It is known as a subspecies of the Vietnam Magic Mushroom. Despite growing naturally in Vietnam, magic mushroom possession can be punishable by death.

Hanoi mushrooms are medium-sized, yellow to golden brown in colour, and the stem is pale, slender and curved. A beginner-friendly species known for its ease of cultivation, prolific sporulation, and ability to be cultivated on various substrates. 

Potency is reported to be average and may result in synesthesia and euphoria.

Elephant Magic Mushroom

Elephant Magic Mushrooms

The Elephant mushroom’s name comes from being discovered growing on elephant dung in southern Thailand and because of their large fruiting bodies. 

The broad cap is often light brown in the early stages of its life cycle, growing darker in maturity and with thick white stems and moderate sporulation. 

Elephant is said to be like other species from southeast Asia. Reports suggest fast-acting mental high, euphoria, and visuals, but fewer bodily effects. 

Pensacola Magic Mushroom

Psilocybe Cubensis Pensacola Magic Mushrooms

Pensacola was found in Pensacola, Florida and is species prized by cultivators for its aggressive colonization, fast fruiting cycle, and resistance to contamination. 

Fruiting bodies are medium to large, with thick stems and tan caps that invert and can split upon maturity. Heavy spore deposits can make the caps appear purple/black. 

The potency of Pensacola cubensis is likely average, with subjective effects of body load, mild visuals, and introspection.

Orissa India Magic Mushroom 

Orissa India Cubensis sold by Pacific Shrooms

Orissa India was also found in elephant dung by entheomycologist John Allen near the border of the East Indian state, Bihar and Nepal. It was later popularized by a group of growers in Amsterdam who isolated genetics to produce reliably potent mushrooms.  

Said to be some of the largest cubensis spawning from elephant dung. Stems are long, pale and round. Caps are broad and pale yellow, with a dark brown spot in the centre. Orissa drops a moderate amount of spores, and caps may become discoloured in maturity.

Reports suggest that potency is very high, and effects include hallucinations and intense bodily vibrations. 

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