Psilocybin Brands

Spore Wellness

Psilocybin Brands
British Columbia, Canada
Spore Wellness Spore Wellness

Spore Wellness is Canada’s online leader in microdose products.

Why Spore Wellness Microdosing Products?

According to the journal Nature, the use of psychedelic substances at subsensory levesl or “microdoses” has gained popular academic interest for reported positive effects on wellness and cognition.  Aren’t you curious in finding out how psychedelics can potentially unlocking the power of your brain and stimulating your mind?

Spore Wellness has everything new and experienced user need to make the microdosing experience perfect.  Spore Wellness microdose products use best in class ingredients across the entire range of their product line.

Spore Wellness mushroom blends are each specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals.

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