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Psilocybin Brands
British Columbia, Canada
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Earthy Provisions is rooted in advocation for and research of psychedelic medicines. Earthy Provisions’ seeks to foster a community that de-stigmatizes psychedelic medicines.

Why Microdose With Earthy Provisions

Microdosing involves taking a sub perceptual dose of approximately one-tenth the “trip” dose of psilocybin, in order to sharpen the mind. Microdosers report that the mushrooms can:

  • Increase creativity.
  • Calm anxiety.
  • Decrease the need for caffeine.
  • Reduce depression.

According to a study in the journal “Neuron“, when tested in lab rats,  it was found that a single dose of psilocybin led to

  • A∼10% increases in spine size and density, driven by an elevated spine formation rate.
  • Structural remodelling occurred quickly within 24 h and was persistent 1 month later.
  • Amelioration of stress-related behavioral deficit and elevated excitatory neurotransmission.

Overall, the results demonstrate that psilocybin-evoked synaptic rewiring in the cortex is fast and enduring, potentially providing a structural trace for long-term integration of experiences and lasting beneficial actions.

Earthy Provision Microdose Capsules

Made from the highest quality, pure ingredients, we provide community members a place where they can purchase safe, affordable psychedelic products. Earthy Provisions provides 5 expertly formulated & professionally manufactured organic microdosing blends:

  • Release: Full of adaptogens that  promote relaxation, calmness; reduce anxiety, stress and balance energy levels.
  • Cognition: A microdose stack with Psilocybin and Lions Mane extract, the combination of which reportedly creates new neurons, neural pathways, and repair neurological damage.
  • Cognition Hybrid Plus: Get the nootropic benefits of Lion’s mane and brain supporting supplements that increase blood flow to the brain, support focus ability, and increase productivity.
  • Shield: Organic immune boosting mushroom extracts to give the immune system a shield.
  • Embrace: An intimacy booster that drive libido levels and increase senses Embrace also helps balance mood and hormones.

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