Strongest-Magic Mushrooms In The World

What Are The Strongest Magic Mushrooms In The World

Question: What are the strongest magic mushrooms in the world?

Answer: The generally accepted answer to this question is that the Psilocybe azurescens are the strongest magic mushroom species in the world.

Understanding Magic Mushroom Strength

As we described in the article “Understanding and Measuring Magic Mushroom Potency“, The potency of magic mushrooms is based both the chemical constituents magic mushrooms as well as brain chemistry and dosage.

Additionally, the method used to measure the amount of psychoactive compounds in magic mushrooms, either extraction techniques or high performance liquid chromatography, results in different levels of absolute amounts of psychoactive substances in different mushroom species but does not affect the potency ranking of magic mushrooms relative to one another.

Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Finding The Strongest Magic Mushroom

If you are new to magic mushrooms, your goal should be to have a pleasant experience, not melt your brain 5 ways from Sunday. Much like you typically don’t learn to drive on a car with a 400 HP supercharged engine, you need to start slow.

If your first attempt at magic mushrooms is a super intense experience that you do not like, you probably won’t try them again, thereby missing out on the benefits of psilocybin.  As with any new experience, start low and go slow.  You can always try something stronger the next time.

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