Health Canada Psilocybin

Health Canada Grants Limited Use of Psilocybin

Health Canada granted limited use of psilocybin exemption to 16 health care professionals. The December 10th announcement allows professionals to possess and use psilocybin for personal training without prosecution under the country’s drug laws based on the advocacy work of TheraPsil, a non-profit group that advocates for the therapeutic use of psilocybin.

“Psychedelic substances and treatment using these substances, such as psilocybin, is a growing area of scientific study and research. Because psilocybin is not an authorized therapeutic substance, the availability of rigorous scientific evidence demonstrating its safety and efficacy is limited,” Health Canada said in a statement to CBC News.

Healthcare professionals associated with TheraPsil, have been approved by the Federal Health Minister, Patty Hajdu, to possess and use psilocybin for professional training in psilocybin therapy. The approved healthcare professionals include psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical counselors, social workers, general practitioners, and nurses. These approvals were granted through exemptions to section 56(1) of the Canadian Drugs & Substances Act and the decision comes after 166 days of TheraPsil’s advocating for access.

As per Health Canada, these exemptions allow prescription or provision of psilocybin mushrooms to another person and there are no Health Canada approved drugs containing psilocybin. Health Canada’s granting of these exemptions does not constitute an opinion or endorsement of psilocybin-assisted treatment”

Terminal Cancer and Psilocybin

The decision comes after Health Canada gave 4 people with terminal cancer the right to psilocybin for end-of-life psychotherapy in August 2020. Since then, other exemptions have been given to patients who want to use magic mushrooms.

“This is not a small step. This is a seismic step,” said Dr. Sean O’Sullivan, a Tillsonburg, Ont., doctor and medical director of TheraPsil told CBC. “This is permission from the Ministry of Health and the Minister of Health to allow therapists to forward their own training in psychedelic medicine.”

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