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It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to join us on this unique women's plant medicine journey set in one of the most biodiverse...
This retreat  is designed exclusively to support and empower women who are reclaiming their relationship with themselves as they release or reconsider their current relationship....
Psychedelics have deep healing potential and the ability to help people feel more loving, connected, and alive. Odyssey provides legal, professionally guided psilocybin experiences because...
Under a velvet sky pierced by a choir of stars, the retreat's night ceremony unfolds—a sacred dance of shadows and whispers, where souls connect in silent communion, guided by the flickering light of candles, towards inner peace and shared understanding here at Bwitiboga Psychedelic Retreat in Quebec, Canada.
, 8 Days
We are traditionally trained Iboga providers from the jungles of Gabon, Africa. We have spent months training with 10th generation Shaman Moughenda Mikala to have...
Birthing an Ancient Future aims to co-create an intimate wisdom field for action by bridging ancient wisdom and modern science rooted in interconnectedness, assuming everything...
I am Dr. Regina U. Hess—a visionary, a healer, and a guide. With a joint Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology and embodied phenomenology, I have dedicated...
Discover a sanctuary where mountain vistas meet mindful retreats. Our Mountain View Retreat Center invites you to unwind, rejuvenate, and find your inner balance amidst breathtaking landscapes here at Casa Galatica Psychedelic Retreat in Huaran Peru.
The Casa Galactica Multi-Dimensional Center for Healing & Evolution is set amidst the lush Sacred Valley of Peru. We provide online private sessions and in-person ceremonies...
Discover a harmonious blend of luxury and nature at our Jamaican retreat. Gaze upon the endless horizon where the Caribbean Sea meets the sky, while our serene retreat building cradles you in comfort. Embrace the rhythmic whispers of the waves and the warm embrace of tropical tranquility here at The Swiss Chemist Psychedelic Retreat in Westmoreland, Jamaica.
Located on the westernmost tip of Negril on Jamaica’s West End, Plays at the intersection of Eco Luxury and Authentic Living. Committed to showcasing the...
Lost in the kaleidoscope of nature's artistry, where blooms whisper secrets to the wind and the sun-kissed petals dance in harmonious serenity here at Spiritual Alliance Psilocybin Retreat in San Jose, Costa Rica
Odette brings her regimen from Costa Rica to Canada through the holidays in 2023. If you are in the Toronto area and would like to...
Embracing the Serenity of a Jungle Sunrise at Our Retreat Haven here at Casa Del Maestro Medicina Ayahuasca Retreat in Jenaro Herrera, Peru
, 13 Days
Casa Del Maestro is a family-run plant medicine center that offers safe, transformative 11 day retreats with ayahuasca and Sanango plant medicine dietas. We follow...

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