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SporeToys is an online psilocybin spore distributor run by a husband and wife team that maintain an active Reddit presence.  All SporeToys spores are 100% legally sourced and are for microscopy use only! SporeToys products are produced in sterile environments which include industrial grade HEPA filters and laminar flow hoods. At SporeToys our objective is to provide budget friendly and quality spores for microscopic study and research.

The Basics of Mushroom Microscopy

Microscope techniques are not that difficult to learn, and decent used microscopes can be bought for less than under $400.  Simply looking at mushroom spores is fascinating, helping substantially in the identification process.

What kind of microscope do I need?

You’ll need a pretty good microscope. The microscopes given to kids as gifts are usually just toys, limited looking at ants and hair follicles, but usually not strong enough to look at mushroom structures.  Looking the larger microscopic features of mushrooms requires:

  • A microscope with an oil immersion lens, which can magnify things about 1,000 times,
  • An eyepiece needs an ocular micrometer in it so that you can measure things,
  • An electric light source,
  • Controls to move the stage, and
  • A fine-focus knob (not just a single, coarse-focus knob).

Calibrating a Microscope

This is the process of comparing your yard-stick’s units to the predetermined units on a special slide. Once done, you may need to do a little math every time you measure something.

Other equipment

The this includes physical equipment and chemical:

  • Physical equipment: Slides, coverslips, extra bulbs, lens paper, and immersion oil. sharp razor blades
  • Chemicals: Water can be used to mount mycological specimens, but certain chemicals make features easier to see.  These include:
    • KOH
    • Phloxine
    • Melzer’s reagent

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