A genus of approximately 200 gilled mushrooms, Gymnopilus is found within the fungal family Strophariaceae that are known for spores that are rusty-orange in color. Approximately 14 of Gymnopilus genus contain psilocybin although the mushrooms unpleasantly bitter taste deters its consumption.

Typically, the fruit body ranges from reddish-brown to rusty- orange to yellow, and are medium to large in size, often possessing a veil that is well-developed. Known to grow mostly on wood, members of Gymnopilus genus may demonstrate terrestrial growth if the wood is decomposed or buried.

Do not use this information to pick mushrooms in the wild, Gymnopilus is often confused with Galerina, which contains a deadly poisonous species.

It should be noted that although these different strains do possess different concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin, factors such as dosage, set, and setting are arguably more determinant of the outcome of effects experienced. Read Frshminds’ article “Understanding and Measuring Magic Mushroom Potency” to learn more.

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