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Welcome to Fungus Head mushroom spores, your source for psilocybe cubensis spores. Fungus Head Mushroom Spores offers laboratory grade spore syringes with proven genetics.  Fungus Head offers customers a combination of the highest quality education, resources, and spore bank for a range of psilocybin mushrooms.

An interesting fact about mushrooms, if all the spores released grew into mushrooms, spores produced a single gill would blanket around 13 square km. As they grow, spores grows a network of hyphae that release chemicals, which dissolve food in order to digested nutrients in the environment so they can be absorbed by the growing fungus.

Before purchasing mushroom spores from Fungus Head, please know the following information:

The Legality of Magic Mushroom Spores: Psilocybe cubensis and other spores that grow psilocybin containing mushrooms are legal in most areas. In fact, 47 of the 50 US states, with the exceptions of California, Idaho and Georgia, allow spores.  In the areas where magic mushroom spores are legally available for sale, they are intended to be used for microscopy purposes only.

How Long Do Magic Mushroom Spores Last: Mushroom spores from Fungus Head can expect last at least a couple of years.  We check spores for contamination before they are packaged in a sterile syringe.  Storing you spores in a refrigerator until use also extends their life span.

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