Are Mushroom Grow Kits Worth It

Are Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Worth It?

Are magic mushroom grow kits worth it? It’s a question that many mushroom enthusiasts have asked. For one, the extra magic about taking psychedelic mushrooms you have grown yourself is worth it. It’s easier than you might think to start growing mushrooms with cost-effective kits that sometimes produce awesome amounts of shrooms.

Getting started growing magic mushrooms doesn’t have to be intimidating. If you just want to dip a toe in before diving into the deep end of mycology, a kit is a perfect way to start learning the basics of mycology. 

And if you are too lazy to read the entire article, the answer to the question of “Are magic mushroom grow kits worth it? is yes, but don’t let that stop you from learning all about them.

Are Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Illegal?

Many kits supply prepared growing material or “substrate” for mushrooms to grow on and the equipment you need to create optimal growing conditions. None of these are illegal throughout most of North America, as they do not consist of the mushroom itself (see the Frshminds disclaimer). Some kits come complete with spores (think mushrooms seeds); and similarly, spores are legal in most of the world because they don’t themselves contain psilocybin.

If your kit doesn’t include spores or indicate that the kit is ‘ready to fruit’, you’ll need to buy them separately.

However, be sure to check out your local laws. Some states (California, Idaho and Georgia come to mind) have also banned the use and sale of spores. You’ll want to stay on top of changes to this legislation, which may come quickly with the growing acceptance of magic mushrooms.

What is the Best Mushroom Grow Kit?

Are Mushroom Grow Kits Worth It - lets find out
Are Mushroom Grow Kits Worth It? Read on and find out!

Many magic mushroom grow kits exist, and the best one depends on your needs and experience level. Interest in mycology and psychedelics has exploded in recent years, so you have options. We get your buying a mushroom kit to make your life easier, so check out our research to help you understand the best kit for you.

What Are Your Mushroom Growing Goals?

Answering the question of “Are magic mushroom grow kits worth it?” really depends on your mushroom growing goals. Do you want to have a couple of trips with friends? Are you excited about learning mycology? Dreaming about a future side hustle? I’m obligated to point out that the last option is still illegal, but as psychedelic legislation evolves, growing mushrooms could one day be a valuable skill.

As you read about these kits, consider how much space you have, how much time you have, how much you are willing to spend, and how involved you want to be.

“Ready to Fruit” Magic Mushroom Kits

This is the easiest option. You order a box or bag of mushroom substrate full of mycelium, open it up, put it in the optimal conditions, spray some water and a crop of mushrooms pops out! These are super fun to watch and take little effort.

Are Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Worth It -  Ready to Fruit
“Ready to Fruit” Magic Mushroom Kits are the easiest option.

There is a variety sized of kits and psychedelic mushroom strains available. You can find tiny kits of Golden Teachers and massive kits like “The Mega”, which the supplier Wholeceilum claims a harvest of up to 600 grams of fresh shrooms is theoretically possible! 

Smaller kits won’t be able to match yields, but they are cheaper, take up less space and can provide you with many trips. There is also a greater variety of strains available with smaller kits. Check out dozens of different strains at Zamenisa and Dr. Paddo’s ever-growing selection. Perhaps even try growing magic truffles with a setup from Truffle Magic.

Prepared Substrate

You can order a more involved kit if you want to get your feet wet and start learning the full mushroom growing process. These usually include jars, boxes, or bags of prepared substrate, gear for creating growing conditions for mushrooms, and often some cleaning supplies.

These are often mushroom grow kits without spores, and you will need to purchase a spore syringe and “inoculate” (think planting mushroom seeds) the jars that are prepared to grow mushrooms. Our friends at Sporeslab have the newest modern strains, and Ralphster offers a selection of many classic magic mushroom spores.

Mushroom Spore Syringe
A syringe of mushroom spores.

These kits will also be more involved. They will require you to learn mycology skills like being super clean and also offer more opportunities to make mistakes! (the best way to learn, right?) However, you need not be scared away from these, even if you are a first-time grower. 

A mushroom Kit
All in one grow kit

Companies supplying these will generally provide all with the resources you need – from where to get spores to how to build the kit, step-by-step guides and all sorts of mushroom growing tips. Certain companies even offer the option to speak with one of their master growers.

This is a big category where you can buy a tub ready to be inoculated for less than 15 bucks from Provithor, spawn bags to create an outdoor patch from CyberShrooms, or get a full kit from Midwest Grow Kits with lots reusable equipment to jumpstart your own grow.

How to Use a Psychedelic Mushroom Grow Kit

Specific instructions for each kit will be provided, but we can provide you with some key points to consider before deciding on which type of kit is best for you. Wholecelium has some videos that give you an idea of what to expect from a “ready to fruit” kit on their instruction page.

Most basic kits will be soaked in water and put inside a plastic bag to keep humidity high, and then you use a spray bottle to keep up the humidity. Probably the hardest part about these kits is just waiting!

More advanced kits will give you a head start on shroom growing techniques like PF-Tek. If you are interested in learning PF-Tek, check out the Frshminds guide.

Where to Put Magic Mushroom Grow kit

An important part of growing magic mushrooms that you will need to consider, no matter what kit you buy, is where you will put it. Your kit producing large amounts of quality mushrooms is only possible if you give them the ideal conditions.

What warm, humid areas of your house are worth thinking about, although most setups you purchase will have supplies to keep their environment humid. Heat, however, can significantly slow down or speed up the process.

Some mushrooms grow kits come with a heater. Often, a heat mat is placed beneath the kit to keep the mushies warm. Consider the temperature of your home. The most common psychedelic mushrooms in kits are types of psilocybe cubensis, which enjoy 20-22 °C when fruiting. 

If you’re wondering if mushrooms need light, you are not alone. Suppliers are very clear that you should not put your grow kit in direct sunlight, but mushrooms do like a little bit of light when produce fruits. Some larger kits include a small LED because the amount of light your fungus receives will affect how they fruit – if your shrooms look a little pale, they might need more light.

Common Mushroom Grow Kit Tips and FAQs

If you have already bought a kit and are having trouble, don’t give up just yet! Growing mushrooms takes time and patience, even with a premade kit. There is a lot to learn about mycology, so before your mushroom kit isn’t working, check for your answer below:

Can You Reuse Mushroom Grow Kits? 

Once you harvest your first “flush” of mushrooms, keep your kit because it has the potential to produce several more flushes. Be careful when harvesting your mushrooms. Use a knife or scissors to cut free your mushrooms without damaging the mycelium.

When you harvest, be sure to wait until you can gather all the mushrooms at once to signal the fungi to produce another crop. Leaving even a tiny shroom will prevent the mushrooms from moving into the next stage of growth.

How Long Do Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Last?

Most kits can be kept in the fridge for a couple of months before fruiting. The mycelium will not try to produce mushrooms in cold conditions. However, you should ideally use a kit as quickly as possible for the best results.

How Long Do Mushroom Kits Take to Grow?

Most kits will be producing fruits in one to three weeks. This is where the environment comes into play, be sure to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity as these factors determine how fast or slow the growing process unfolds. Keep an eye out for “pins” or the tops of baby mushrooms emerging from the kit.

What is Mushroom Grow Kit Contamination?

Contamination happens and is usually other fungi, moulds, or bacteria. When you see different colours other than white in your bag, slime, or funky smells, your crop is probably contaminated. (Don’t worry about blue colour, however, as some psilocybin mushrooms have blue mycelium) 

Unfortunately, there usually isn’t a lot you can do once contamination starts. If you have multiple kits or blocks, remove the contamination immediately. A good supplier will be doing everything they can to stop contamination, but no system is perfect, and life finds a way. Contamination also can come from you, so be extra clean when you are around your kit and try not to touch it more than you have to.

So… Are Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Worth It?

Growing mushrooms with a kit is definitely worth it. Professionals prepare them, and if you have the patience, the number of mushrooms a kit can produce will be much cheaper than buying magic mushrooms. 

There are many species to choose from, and Frshminds mushroom resources and guides can help you build up your mushroom growing skills, and many suppliers offer top-notch customer support. Be aware of what the legal situation is wherever you live. Most of all, enjoy connecting with the mushrooms; it is a rewarding experience!

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