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RalphstersSpores is a vendor of mushroom spores based in Palatine Illinois. RalphstersSpores provides viable psilocybin mushroom spores at affordable prices. RalphstersSpores mushroom spores syringes are made under the sterile conditions, using a flow hood to ensure our products are contamination free.

Only the best rhizomorphic growth cultures are secured and cultivated to obtain the best possible strains. The term rhizomorphic relates to the colonization process of mushroom mycelium as it consolidates its hold on a substrate by extending new strands of mycelium into nutritious material. Rhizomorphic growth originates from a healthy mycelium, which further while in comparison  tomentose growth is more wispy in nature

Spore Print vs Spore Syringe: What is the difference?

As RalphstersSpores sells both prints and syringes, its important to know the difference when ordering:

What is a spore print?: The product of placing the gills of a mushroom onto a flat clean surface such as tin foil or paper and collecting the residue.  Things to know about spore prints include:

  • Can last decades if kept properly in an airtight container in a cool dark place.
  • Vary in size, shape, and color.
    • Size of a print depends on the mushroom cap but the size of a spore print is not something to be concerned about as a spore print  contains millions of individual spores.
  • Often contain enough mushroom spores to make 5 to 100 10ml spore syringes.
  • The mushroom species determines the color of a spore print
  • Spore color ranges from white, to rust, to dark purple or black.
  • Some species  produce lighter spore prints because they do not drop as many spores while other drop heavy loads of spores resulting in a thick print that looks darker.

What is a spore syringe?: A sterile syringe filled with spores suspended in liquid and are the most common method for transporting spores.  It is important to know the following about spore syringes:

  • A spore syringe is made by scraping spores off a spore print into a sterile container of distilled water  and pulling the well mixed solution into a syringe.
  • Spore syringes vary in spore density and coloration depending on the mushroom species.
  • Spores can last many years when stored in an airtight container and kept in a cool dark place.
  • Should be made in a sterile environment.
  • In order to use a spore syringe for microscopy, shake the syringe to distribute spores evenly then place a drop of the solution onto a glass slide

We have the largest selection of Cubensis mushroom spores anywhere and are proud to offer these excellent species to you. 

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