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Welcome to the ultimate tripsitting guide.

Ever heard of tripsitting and wonder what it’s all about? You’re in the right place!

You’ll learn what tripsitting is, why you need it, and how to do it right.

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Part 1: An introduction to tripsitting: A quick introduction to the basics on tripsitting.

Part 2: Tripsitters on Frshminds: Find the right tripsitter for you with Frshminds’ curated list of reputable and accredited tripsitters.

Part 3: Tripsitting 101: Learn everything you need to know about tripsitting.

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Part 1: Tripsitting: An Overview

Tripsitting is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing ‘professions’ on earth. But what exactly is a tripsitter?

A tripsitter is someone who watches over someone under the influence of a psychedelic substance.

You could compare it to babysitting for adults who are “tripping.”

Similar to watching children, tripsitters may have more or fewer responsibilities, depending on the other person’s needs.

For example, they may take a hands-on approach, actively guiding the individual through their experience, or they may adopt a more laid-back stance, only stepping in when necessary. The specific approach depends on a variety of factors, including the comfort level of the person tripping and the expertise of the tripsitter.

Part 2: Tripsitters on lists reputable and accredited tripsitters from around the world.

To find the right fit for you and your journey, consult our Tripsitter listings here.

Part 3: Tripsitting

We have also compiled a lot of great background information on tripsitting.

Have a look at our tripsitting-related articles below.

What is a Tripsitter?

Originating in the 1950s, the term ‘tripsitter‘ refers to a trusted, sober person responsible for the safety of someone using psychedelics.

How do I find a great tripsitter?

While early tripsitters were often friends, today, the role has become more professional (and sometimes even controversial.)

Some typical duties include:

  • Creating a safe space
  • Being attentive
  • Explaining effects
  • Recognizing and easing distress
  • Providing basic first aid

Tripsitter costs vary based on location, experience, and session length. Typical prices range from $50 to $200 per hour, with professional therapists generally charging more.

To learn more about what a tripsitter is and does, check out this article.

Why Do I Need a Tripsitter?

Why have a tripsitter?

Find out why you need a tripsitter.

Four key reasons stand out:

  • Safety monitoring
  • Emotional support
  • Help with integrating the insights into daily life
  • Guidance through challenging experiences

By offering a safe space and letting the person using psychedelics freely explore their thoughts and feelings, tripsitters help enable life-changing experiences.

Read this article to learn more about the importance of having a tripsitter.

Can a Tripsitter Help You Avoid a Bad Trip?

As mentioned above, a tripsitter can take an active or more passive approach. They might guide the actual psychedelic journey or only step in when things take a turn.

Does that mean that a tripsitter can help you avoid a bad trip?

Can a tripsitter help avoid a bad trip?

Kind of.

The nature of psychedelics is unpredictable. A tripsitter can provide invaluable support, but they can’t promise an entirely smooth ride.

While the intense feelings and thoughts that come with a bad trip usually fade within hours, the experience itself can be terrifying.

If things start spiraling, here’s how a tripsitter can help:

  • Reassurance: They’ll remind you that the effects are temporary.
  • Breathing: Guiding you in deep breaths can ground you.
  • Staying in the Now: Drawing your attention to the present can lessen anxiety.
  • A Listening Ear: Sometimes, just talking it out can make a world of difference.

Click here to read more about how a tripsitter may help avoid a bad trip.

How to Be a Tripsitter + Best Tripsitter Courses

Want to embark on the journey of becoming a tripsitter?

Curious about how to be-a tripsitter?

Here are five things you need to have under your belt:

  1. Knowledge of the specific psychedelic being used
  2. First-hand experience with psychedelics
  3. Training or education in psychology, counseling, or therapy
  4. Training or education in first-aid
  5. Emotional support skills

So, how do you gather these skills? Most tripsitters blend several of the following methods:

  • Self-education
  • Workshops and training programs
  • Support groups or online communities
  • Mentorship
  • Professional training
  • Official tripsitter courses

For an overview of the best tripsitter courses, check out this article.

Psychedelic Retreat vs. Tripsitter: Who Wins?

Going on a psychedelic retreat or getting a tripsitter — what is better for you?

Psychedelic retreat vs tripsitter? Which do you pick and why?

They each offer distinct advantages but also have their own drawbacks.

For example, retreats provide a structured, multi-day experience in a supportive community. But they might come with high costs, less privacy, and limited control.

Tripsitters, on the other hand, give flexible one-on-one support in a place you choose. But they can be difficult to find and might lack structure. Plus, getting a professional tripsitter can also end up being pricy.

For a complete overview of the differences between a retreat and a tripsitter, check out this article.

Talking Psychedelics: Mark de Jong of Tripsitter.Amsterdam

Mark de Jong, MSc., is a Senior Psychedelic Therapist from Tripsitter.Amsterdam with over two decades of experience in treating various mental conditions.

Mark de Jong of Tripsitter.Amsterdam

Tripsitter.Amsterdam’s mission is to offer personalized healing processes that emphasizes the individual’s unique background and needs.

Recognizing that many mental issues are rooted in the body, their holistic approach combines traditional psychotherapy with somatic techniques.

While based in Amsterdam, they cater to clients globally. And besides helping individuals, they also provide psychedelic couples therapy and corporate services.

To read the whole interview with Mark de Jong, click here.

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