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Meet Peggy: Microdosing for Work, Relationships, and Happiness

Peggy Van de Plassche is the Founder and CEO of Roar Growth, an advisory services firm catering to boards and C-Suite at top wealth managers. She has spent 20 years in the financial services and technology industries, as a business advisor, senior executive, institutional investor, corporate director and entrepreneur. She recently shared her own experience on why she is microdosing for work, relationships, and happiness on Linkedin and we thought it was worth sharing with Frshminds readers.

Why Did I Try Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms?

First, I never tried recreational drugs before microdosing; It simply has never been my thing and I had no interest in doing so. I decided to explore micro-dosing to see a shift, a leap in my own personal growth journey. For the last 12 years, I have spent hundreds of hours (a lot of effort and money!) working alone and with practitioners to release blocks, limitations and emotional traumas. I made great progress, however I really wanted to see a big leap.

I thought that my mindset was still extremely negative, very much in protective / fearful mode, and I really wanted to bring more joy and space into my life. I also felt quite stuck in my way of being, thinking and doing, so after extensive research I decided to give it a try – no guts, no glory! Based on the multiple discussions I had on this topic, I am sure many of you will relate to some of the reasons I started this experience.

I really wanted to shift the way I was living my life from restriction to expansion.

What Results Did I See With Microdosing?

As previously alluded to, I was mainly looking for a change of mindset, shifting my perspective from looking at the glass half-empty to the glass half-full. My results have been above and beyond my expectations and let’s say that I got way more than what I bargained for. The best way for me to describe how microdosing affected me is by quoting Bradley Cooper’s character, Eddie Morra, in the film, Limitless:

Limitless - Microdosing Work Relationships Happiness
Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra in Limitless

“What was this drug? I couldn’t stay messy on it. […] I wasn’t high. I wasn’t wired. Just clear. I knew what I needed to do and how to do it.

All my fear? All my shyness? Gone! […]

A tablet a day and what I could do with my day was limitless.”

I started microdosing mid-May, since then many amazing shifts have happened for me:

  • Definitely a way more positive outlook and zest for life. Instead of thinking that “things won’t work out” or being afraid, I now just do what I want / have to do without second thoughts with positivity, clarity, focus and motivation. It really “upshifted” my life. While before I was expecting failure and was afraid of success (a very unpleasant place to be!), I now expect success and I am excited for it.
  • I wrote a 40K word novel in 10 days (think Bridget Jones meets Eat, Pray, Love in Europe with a micro-dosing twist! Yes this is definitely inspired from my own experience.) without pressure, without thinking. I sat down and wrote, nothing else mattered, I could not not write. In the past, I have started books without any success, but in this situation, I didn’t even try and it came together easily and fast. I am now looking for an agent/publishing house, so introductions are welcome!!
  • I have always been very uncomfortable asking and receiving. My upbringing was focused on me being a giver, a people-pleaser really, so asking / receiving was frowned upon big time and I came to realize this is neither an expansive nor practical way of life. Now, I am comfortable with asking for help, pushing back when people are disrespectful, and with expressing myself without fear or after-thoughts. I have way better boundaries, something I have been struggling with my entire life.
  • My level of anxiety and stress has greatly diminished. I am now able to enjoy downtime without ruminating about all the outstanding things on my to-do list. I am more at ease with myself and I wake up excited about the new day versus already stressed about all the things I have to do. My perspective on what matters and what doesn’t has also shifted for the better, making me way less fearful, stressed and anxious.
  • I am way more present in my daily life and it feels that my days have gotten more productive, probably the result of increased focus and motivation. Compared to the past, I accomplish more in a regular day and feel way more creativity. New ideas and inspired actions come easily, resulting in me doing fewer, but more focused tasks, more easily, faster and with better results.
  • The benefits from my personal growth practice, based on modalities such as hypnosis, meditation, visualization, tapping, has generated bigger results for me. It seems to me that I am way more suggestible, enabling me to shift my beliefs and release my limitations way faster and deeper.
  • Last but not least, I have been very relaxed on stage, in career interactions, and at networking events. I now enjoy them and approach these events without any pressure aiming only at having a great time and connecting.

In a nutshell, microdosing has been a wonderful experience in many aspects of my life. I didn’t have many expectations when I started and can honestly say that it has been a game-changer for me. Will I continue to microdose in the long term, probably not, but the shift I was looking for definitely happened, which is all I was looking for.

My Microdosing Process

I find it very important to set an intention (you can call it goal setting if intention feels too wishy-washy), so you are clear on what you are aiming for. In the context of microdosing, my intention was emotional freedom; Letting go of the past, stories, traumas and wounds to develop a positive, abundant mindset.

In addition to setting an intention, I also engage in different activities that microdosing greatly enhances in terms of both the process and results: visualization, meditation, hypnosis, journaling, and tapping meditation. I have been practicing these modalities for years and I am very familiar with how it feels to do them and what are the results I can expect, as well as timing associated.

Microdosing has blown all of that out of the water! The insights, intuition (and it is intuition that actually brought me to microdosing in the first place), rewiring (depth and speed) have been nothing short of spectacular.

My only regret is not to have started my microdosing regimen earlier, it would have dramatically accelerated and amplified my personal journey into deeper consciousness.

I could not advise enough microdosers to set an intention and engage in practices that support this intention. The results will blow your mind!

My Microdosing Regime

The first question I get after talking about my experience with microdosing is in regards to my regimen.

I learnt about the potential dosage and frequency through this great article and by reading the websites of Room 920 and Shafaa, two of the shops operating in BC, Canada. The mushrooms I have mainly been using are the golden teachers, a moderately potent magic mushroom and one of many species of psychedelic mushrooms. As a beginner, I found they were perfect for what I was looking for. They also have the reputation to offer its users insightful and revelatory experiences.

I just started using Penis Envy mushrooms – the name comes from their shape (As an aside, I highly recommend a rebranding for them if they are to be used more widely!) They have the reputation of being highly potent magic mushrooms.

Microdosing Work Relationships Happiness- Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

So you would need a smaller dose for the same effect, or the same dose will give you more effect. I have not yet enough experience with them to give more insights on the differences in terms of experience and results. I will report back!!

My Approach To Testing

While I tested different dosages and frequencies, I am still constantly adjusting depending on my activities, sleep, mood. I am very conservative with my dosage; psilocybin are not supposed to be addictive but I am more comfortable with small infrequent doses over a shorter period of time!

I started with 0.3g every 3 day, then 0.15g every other day. Lately, I have been alternating 0.3g and 0.15g every other day, with a break during the weekend. So it will look something like that: Monday 0.3g / Wednesday 0.15g / Friday 0.3g. I don’t really feel effects, such as being high (only the first couple of times) or hallucinating, however I am careful not to drive just to be on the safe side.

Hopefully more clarity and flexibility will come in the near future regarding the legal status of psychedelics and psilocybin mushrooms and give more people the opportunity to utilize microdosing for work, relationships, and happiness.

Dive deeper into the world of psychedelics and their potential benefits for mental wellness by checking out our Ultimate Psychedelics and Mental Wellness Guide!

Disclaimer: This article is for information and harm reduction purposes only. Note that psilocybin and LSD are deemed Schedule I substances under the United Nations 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances and are illegal in most countries. Frshminds and author of this article do not condone the purchase, possession, sale, or consumption of any illegal substances.

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A former banker and VC who now speaks and writes about the psychedelic industry & the benefits of microdosing psilocybin. I created The Microdose Diet - the 90-Day Plan for Success and Happiness.

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