Gregory Wells, a psychedelic integration therapist san francisco

Perspectives on Psychedelic Integration with Gregory Wells, Ph.D

If anyone can give you a perspective on integration, it is San Francisco psychedelic integration therapist Gregory Wells, PhD,  Co-Clinical Investigator & Therapist – MAPS Clinical Program for MDMA-Assisted Therapy.  Frshminds managed to snag a few minutes of his time recently to ask him about his point of view on psychedelic integration:

What got you interested in providing psychedelic integration to your patients?

Gregory Wells Psychedelic Integration Therapist San Francisco
Gregory Wells, San Francisco Psychedelic Integration Therapist

Initially through my work with MAPS on the MDMA trial. Along with this, there was growing interest in psychedelics with more and more people seeking support around their experiences. As a licensed clinician, I was highly motivated to support people. As someone who has had my own challenging experiences, I also knew the value of such support.

What makes your practice special?

I believe being an experienced clinician with many years in the field helps immensely. I also believe having done my own explorations with psychedelics and personal growth helps immensely. In addition, having a degree in psychopharmacology and remaining active in current research helps.

How do you see psychedelic therapy evolving in the future?

Gregory Wells Psychedelic Integration Therapist San Francisco  Treatment Room

I think it is hard to predict. The filed is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace now. When I look back 5 years ago, I could have never predicted things would have advanced as far as they have. We are in the nascent stages of this groundbreaking work. I think the field of psychiatry is being revolutionized by this very important research. I hope we will move away from the “take this pill everyday for the rest of your life” model of pharmaceutical intervention and that we will have more effective treatments and even more actual cures.

What’s the one piece of advice you would offer to patients considering psychedelic integration to help them manage their mental health?

ALWAYS work with a vetted and skilled practitioner. Ask them lots of questions before agreeing to any course of treatment that involves taking psychedelics. Proceed cautiously and take your time.

What are the most remarkable changes you have seen in patients who have leveraged psychedelic integration to manage their mental wellness?

Gregory Wells Psychedelic Integration Therapist San Francisco- interior

Seeing people cured of PTSD is one of the most amazing things. It is literally like seeing people being reborn.

What challenges do you see for further integration of psychedelic based therapies into more mainstream health care?
The existing Big Pharma structure and lobbying that control the drug development and delivery process in our country.

To learn more about how psychedelics and integration therapy can improve well-being, check out our Ultimate Psychedelics and Mental Wellness Guide!

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