Holotropic Breathwork Youtube Resources

Holotropic Breathwork Youtube Resources


If you’re thinking of taking part in some breathing from the comfort of your own home or need some suitable music to go along with a class, then this Holotropic Breathwork YouTube resources guide could prove to be quite valuable for you.

We understand how important it is to have the right setting and ambience to get you into the suitable space, energetically and emotionally, with music forming an integral part of this.

Having searched YouTube for appropriate resources, we’ve compiled them into a list below for easy reference; if a particular playlist or style of music doesn’t resonate with you, then skip past and try another.

Overview of how to make the best use of these resources:

  • Install an Adblocker when listening on youtube to prevent interruption midway through your session.

Since ads are commonplace at the start, end, and during longer videos, it can throw you off amid profoundly transformative work that requires your focus.

Other platforms can provide an ad-free or downloadable experience, you could even mix your playlist, but this is an excellent place to get you started.

  • Audio setup; to use a sound system or headphones?

This comes down to personal preferences, and both will come with their own set of advantages.

The key here is to immerse yourself in the session and use the music to assist with inducing a trance meditative state.

If your headphones offer a level of sound pleasing to your ear, then go with these.  

Alternatively, a balanced audio system that can allow you sufficient volume to get lost in music without annoying the other residents or neighbours could also work here.

  • Be sure to set up a comfortable environment where you won’t be disturbed and fully immerse yourself in the session.
  • Do not disturb function.

You’ll want to activate aeroplane mode where applicable or set calls to divert so you’re not rudely interrupted by a call when getting into the zone or processing some pent up emotions.

We’ve laid out some helpful resources accessible through youtube for free to assist with your overall experience of holotropic breathwork. 

Youtube Resources For Holotropic Breathwork Beginners

A good starting point for those new or inexperienced in breathwork is a shorter session, so you get a taste without dedicating large pockets of time.

This starter session from Into The Deep offers an excellent gentle start and some soft, evocative music that builds up in sections and can help synchronize the breath rate during a 55-minute.

At slightly over the one hour mark, another video from Into The Deep brings a more vocal infusion with a beat that still offer a suitable backdrop to breathe along with in this playlist.

The beautiful voices laid over the top of serene and thought invoking chords will make this a good choice should you wish to breathe for this length of time. It is sure to touch your soul and resonate with every cell of your body.

At just under 54 minutes, Music For Holotropic Breathwork – Introspection offers a gentle, progressive chilled house vibe, transporting you on a journey through breathing dimensions. It offers a nicely flowing musical adventure allowing you plenty of time to focus on getting into a rhythmical state and letting go pent up emotions.

Resources For More Experienced Holotropic Breathwork Explorers

Shamanic /Holotrophic Breathwork music session I from DrCashew offers a traditional drumming style soundtrack that includes intense sections with room to recover, so ultimately you’re in control of the breath rates and level of exertion/ inhalation. Still, when done in conjunction with soundtracks such as this, the experience overall can be more enjoyable.

Overall, it is a good session that can assist in getting you into a deeper, more connected space through the beats. 

Flowducer – Journey to Foreverland by Shivelight is a playlist curated to lead you through ‘your spectrum of emotions’. This relaxing and gentile selection of music could assist with a more extended session of just under 90 minutes.

It helps you get into the right headspace with electronic beats interspersed with occasional vocals. Definitely give it a go if you’re into that kind of thing.

Additional Breathwork Resources

Guided holotropic breathwork may be one of the few areas where Youtube doesn’t seem to have much in the way of quality resources. This could be due to holotropic breathwork being a trademarked and structured framework so that the teachers could be prevented from distributing free content onto YouTube in order to encourage you to attend their classes in person or virtually.

However, there are other forms of guided breathwork available such as:

A 1 Hour Guided Breath & Sound Journey which leads you through a one-hour session exploring conscious connected breathwork by Elisa & Blair.

If information specifically about Holotropic breathwork is what you seek, then have a look at the below video where Breathcast interviews Diana Medina, a senior teacher of the Grof Transpersonal Training staff since 1999, so is very experienced in this field and a credible source of information.

During this session which clocks in just under an hour, she shares insights and stories from her experiences and the benefits of Holotropic breathwork. 

For another perspective from an accredited professional to introduce you to the world of holotropic breathwork, check out this two-part session, led by a trained facilitator, Sean Blackwell.

Part 1

Part 2

During these, he explains the experiences you may encounter and how they can be beneficial, ‘you may not always get what you want, but you will always get what you need!’


Whilst Youtube is a vastly helpful resource in general for understanding the concept of holotropic breathwork or finding suitable music and playlists, you’ll struggle to find classes or guided sessions to take part in.

Having said that, other methods of breathing styles can be found on Youtube. Still, to get the authentic flavour and experience of holotropic breathwork, you’ll need to attend a class or session yourself under the expert watchful eye of a trained facilitator. 

People who have uploaded their content yet are not explicitly trained in holotropic breathwork will not deliver the authentic session that you desire to make your judgment call on whether it’s something you’d like to watch.

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to go for the real things first before making an informed decision on what benefits I’ve received if I wanted to try it again!

To find one that you resonate with, we can recommend checking out the GTT website for trained facilitators; alternatively, this searchable database could also help you discover the right instructor for you.

For insights on psychedelics and holotropic breathwork’s impact on mental health, check out our Ultimate Psychedelics and Mental Wellness Guide!

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