Shroom Trip Report

Shroom Trip Report

Trip Report: Penis Envy

I chose a purportedly strong species, Penis Envy for a shroom trip report. So this was my first time eating Penis Envy magic mushrooms. I was with one of my best friends in the world, and a mutual friend of ours. They were both less experienced than I. We all ate a bit over two grams, hanging out at the mutual friend’s place. I started feeling them in about a half an hour after eating. At first it was just a mellow, giggly feeling, then some very minor hallucinations – the mutual friend had a poster of a nuke bomb mushroom cloud on his wall, and I watched it move as if the bomb just went off. It’s hard to explain the other visual hallucination I had, it was basically that everything that moved left a trace behind it. Like when my friend got off the bed we were sitting on, a few copies of him were left behind him. But I loved it. We went outside and walked by the lake for a long while, looking at the sky (looked amazing), talking about random shit.  Can’t wait until next time to remember more thoughts for my shroom trip report.

Shroom Trip Report: The Details

Motivation For Consuming:Curiosity
Mushroom Species:Penis Envy
Mushroom Form Factor:Dried Mushrooms
Product Name:
Amount of Mushrooms Consumed in Grams:2
Background Music:Carbon Based Lifeforms – Derelicts

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