Ketamine IV Clinic in Utah

A Ketamine Clinic Near Me: Satori Health

Dr. Scott Allen, MD is  the founder of Satori Health, a ketamine IV clinic in St Georges Utah, prides his clinic on creating rich, meaningful ketamine experiences leading to transformational change. Read on to learn more about his approach to care and see if there is something there for you to take to your own approach to mental wellness.

Ketamine IV Clinic in Utah
Dr. Scott Allen, MD of Satori Health.

What got you interested in using ketamine in practice?

I became interested in ketamine based off research I was involved with at the University of Utah, where I was on faculty. When I moved to Southern Utah, where there wasn’t a ketamine clinic, several patients approached me asking if I could help them with their depression. I had also gone through my own struggles in life; I wanted to give back and share what I had learned.

What makes your practice special?

Satori’s philosophy is ‘meaningful ketamine’ through a process of integration. We pride ourselves on creating rich, meaningful ketamine experiences that lead to transformational change. A licensed medical provider sits with patients during the entire experience. We feel strongly that patients should not be left alone during their treatment. We provide psychological support before, during, and after ketamine. We also offer innovative chronic pain solutions, using intravenous lidocaine, ketamine, and other medications.

Satori Health Treatment Area

How do you see psychedelic medicine and therapy evolving in the future?

Right now, psychedelic medicine is at a critical juncture. Unscrupulous providers have entered the market and are delivering psychedelic medicine to multiple unsupervised patients at a time, engaging in predatory advertising, and do not offer psychological support. While this can be financially lucrative, we believe this is unethical and likely damaging to fragile psyches. As MDMA and psilocybin are added to the psychedelic repertoire, ethical standards must be established to discourage providers from seeking monetary gain at the expense of patient safety.

What’s the one piece of advice you would offer to patients considering ketamine to help them manage their mental health?

When patients are considering ketamine for mental health, I encourage them to find a clinic that performs a thorough psychological assessment prior to the treatment. Also, find a clinic that provides support before, during, and after the treatment. This usually includes having a provider sit with you during the treatment. The best clinics have a program for making sense of the ketamine experience and integrating it into your life.

What are the most remarkable changes you have seen in patients who have taken ketamine to manage their mental wellness?

The most dramatic changes are often seen when patients with suicidal ideation are no longer suicidal. This can be a life-and-death change. Some of the most meaningful changes, though, are in the lives of our providers. The ketamine experience is sacred to us as well, and we are uplifted by the patients who come into our clinic.

If you live in the St. George Utah area and considering visiting a ketamine IV clinic for treatment, Book a consultation with Dr. Allen’s team at Sartori Health. You can find them on Frshminds.

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