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The Flourish Academy invites you for an unforgettable Psychedelic Retreat in Vancouver, Canada. My name is Dana Harvey, and my mission is to help you get in touch and heal your mind, body and spirit. I am an experienced psychedelics and micro-dosing educator and guide who wants to use their experience to help you achieve tranquility and peace with yourself, nature and others around you. I offer a personalized micro-dosing program, integration and consultation sessions, support throughout your healing journey, and even coaching on matters such as public speaking and taking life into your own hands. Furthermore, I facilitate loving communities that will welcome you with open arms, where you can meet others who are on a similar journey to you, and where you can learn more about psychedelics, micro-dosing and other therapeutic practices.

Our programs will utilize the medicines of psilocybin, LSD and huachuma in order to facilitate your transformational journey. We integrate traditional and contemporary knowledge in order to create a robust and effective program. During my personalized microdosing program, you will experience an affectionate space where you will receive utmost attention to your needs. We will be calibrating dosages, maintaining a strong communication and having ample opportunities to foster dialogues about the process. With different tools, exercises and feedback mechanisms we will take your journey step by step and make sure you reach your destination as a spiritually-elevated being.

Johann Hari (author of ‘Lost Connections: Why You are Depressed and How to Find Hope’) has stated, and leading trauma expert Gabor Maté has echoed, that “the opposite of addiction is connection”. At Gathering Groups, we believe the antidote not just for addiction, but for so many of the mental health conditions plaguing our world today, is connection. Gathering has researched, designed and developed a plant medicine-assisted program that places community and connection at its core. The reported positive outcomes are staggering!

With mental health rates skyrocketing, and current treatments options having limitations, people are searching for alternative options for healing and growth. Gathering’s unique offer of intimate group work – creating community and connection – that can be accessed from the comfort and ease of home, combined with an in-person plant medicine ceremony, is an option with proven reported benefits that is being requested by clinics and clients/patients alike.

We offer men-only groups, women-only groups, co-ed groups, minority groups, family groups. Veterans, First Responders, end-of-life.


  • Twelve-week intentionally structured, trauma-informed online group model of 90 minutes sessions covering preparation, intention-setting, plant medicine healing and integration.
  • Groups kept intentionally small (max 8) in order to foster deep community and connection.
  • Includes a one day in-person day plant medicine (psilocybin) ceremony at week eight.
  • Incorporates gentle physical movement, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, self-compassion, embodiment, IFS work, group sharing and discussion.
  • Informed by evidence-based theories such as Polyvagal, research-informed frameworks such as Roots to Thrive, and indigenous land-and-community based ways of being and healing.
  • Covered by private healthcare insurers under ‘group therapy’ delivered by RCC.

Our Processes

Substance sourcing

Medicines are supplied at an arms-length through our trusted supplier who supplies a majority of psychedelic therapists and retreats in the Vancouver area. Clients order directly through them and their medicine is delivered directly to the retreat centre.

Intake / Prescreening Process

Thorough medication, medical, psychological, social intake screening by a registered nurse.


8 weeks of preparation in weekly 90 minute sessions in an intimate group (max 8)


Full day group ceremony at our retreat space, with overnight options available.
● 8:30 AM: Arrive at the Retreat Centre
● 9:00 AM: Ceremony
● 9:45 AM: Medicine
● 2:00 PM: “Come down” – effects will begin to dissipate
○ Draw, walk, journal, free-time
● 3:00 PM: Snacks, soup & buns
● 4:00 PM: Integration circle
● 5:30 PM: Departure: please arrange for someone to pick you up (unless overnight option arranged)


4 weeks of integration in weekly 90 minute sessions in an intimate group (max 8).


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • - Ceremony

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • - Transportation
  • - Overnight accommodation additional.
How do you calculate dosage of plant medicine and substances?

Our model incorporates a standard dose of 3.5g Golden Teacher with some alterations considered ie: additional .5g if on SSRIs

How do guests get to your retreat and/or place of business?

Pickup / dropoff from Vancouver International Airport or Abbotsford International Airport.


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