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4 Days

La Mezquita Psilocybin Retreat in Alicante, Spain is designed for individuals who want a safe and secure context for their psychedelic experience. We structure our retreat space so that you feel safe and accompanies at all times, allowing you to explore the your consciousness to facilitate the deep emotional healing you need to establish patterns and habits conducive with a meaningful, content life. La Mezquita Psilocybin Retreat uses two (2) healing plants for each of the experiences, magic mushrooms (Psilocybin) and San Pedro (mescaline).

  • The first ceremony, which uses psilocybin, is held inside at night time with live music to facilitate the right set and setting, that participants a great degree of introspection
  • The second psychedelic experience, this time with San Pedro, involves a walk through mountainous terrain with the energy of the group.

Our job at this retreat is to provide you with all the tools necessary for you to connect with your internal healer, alignment your intentions with your true self and your natural rhythms .

The dosage of each substance is discussed beforehand and worked out individually. As each visitor is unique and has different wants, needs and objectives, we allow enough time for reflection and there is no obligation for guests to attend any activities except the ones related to integration.

As part of your time at Mezquita, we ensure each participant has a opportunity for private session with the facilitators to discuss themes they wish to work on during the psychedelic experience.


If you are looking to have a psychedelic experience with psilocybin or mescaline,  get in touch with la Mezquita and  schedule a screening call.

Located a hundred (100) meters from a beautiful sandy beach, La Mezquita is a
restored Moroccan restaurant that still has its Moroccan feel. Beautifully decorated, it has a huge open ceremonial space.

Getting Here

Tram: Take tram line 3 from Alicante and get off at Fabraquer.

Bus: Take 21 bus from Alicante too.

Air: The nearest airport to La Mezquita Psilocybin Retreat is Alicante and there are several daily connections from many European cities, including Gatwick, Manchester, Paris and Brussels. A taxi from the airport shouldn’t cost you more than 35 euros.


  • Two (2) experiences with psychedelic psychotherapy
  • Unburden yourself from your trauma
  • Manage your depression
  • Learn proper anxiety coping mechanisms
  • Female only events
  • Home cooked food
  • Beachfront location on the Mediterranean

Included in the program price:

  • Twin shared rooms with single beds that you will share with other same gender participants of the retreat.
  • A common shower and washroom.
  • For an additional cost, a private room with double bed is available.


Day 1 :
  • Arrive at the retreat in the afternoon
  • An optional one on one session with the facilitators
  • Opening sharing circle and intention setting
  • First psilocybin session - occurs indoors during the night
  • Set and setting includes live music
Day 2 :
Rest Day
  • A session of morning yoga.
  • Group breakfast
  • Integration of the prior night's psychedelic experience.
  • Creative integration activities
  • Integration circle
Day 3 :
San Pedro
  • Morning yoga session
  • Breakfast Psychedelic walk: San Pedro ceremony at the mountain
  • Set and setting includes live music
  • Group Dinner
Day 4 :
  • Yoga session
  • A breakfast Integration circle
  • Retreat Closing
What type of psychedelic therapy do we use?

We use a combination of John Hopkins/Imperial College methodology where the participants wear and an eye mask and the lay down and listen to music. We have further developed on this adding our own more ceremonial setting, and use live music rather than a set play list.

 What is the dosage of psychedelics I can expect to recieve.

We base dosage on a combination of factors including body weight, previous experience, desired impact and current health status. If you are looking for a therapeutic experience, please be aware that the dosage does not need to be particularly high. If you are looking for something more mystical experience, then the dose can be higher.

What sort of screening takes place?

As part of our intake process, everyone has a screening questionnaire and interview in order for us assess your current state of mental and physical health. For the benefit and safety of all involved, La Mezquita does not accept except clients in to retreat if there is:
– A personal or family history of psychosis (drug-induced psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolarity)
– You are taking anti-psychotics.
– A personal diagnosis of a personality disorder.

Our Reservation and Vancellation policy

La Mezquita requires 50% deposit of the total retreat costs to hold the reservation. In the event the retreat is canceled, this deposit shall be refunded. The 50% deposit will be refunded if you cancel 7 days prior the start of the retreat.

The remaining 50% balance gets paid upon arrival at the retreat. T Otherwise, the organization will not return said amount.

What is included in the price?

All food and accommodation is included in the price. We have no extra charges, other than airport collection and drop off.

Yoga sessions
Activities & Workshops
All complementary therapies Ceremonies (San Pedro & Magic Mushrooms)
All meals (Vegetarian, organic and local) The food served throughout the retreat is all plant-based to allow for gentle detoxification of the body. For those who are “omnivorous”, this diet will be light and nourishing to provide a higher vibration experience without feeling heavy or lethargic.
Psychotherapy Integration session

What's Not Included

– Airport pick up & drop off are an additional 35 Euros each way
– An extra nights accommodation, which is 50€.
– Upgrading your reservation to private room 200€


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La Mezquita Retreat Centers – Alicante, Spain

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