Psilocybe strictipes Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybe strictipes Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybe strictipes: Background

Psilocybe strictipes magic mushrooms get their species name from the Latin words stricti (narrow) and pes (foot). It is often confused with the species Psilocybe semilanceata and can be differentiated by its lack of a papilla (nipple-like protrusion in the cap).

Psilocybe strictipes: Habitat

Psilocybe strictipes magic mushrooms fruits from late summer to fall on lawns and grassy fields (and never directly on dung) in Chile, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, Slovakia, Siberia, Sweden, and the Pacific Northwest.

Psilocybe strictipes: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species


Common Name

Psilocybe strictipes: Physical Description


The cap ranges in shape from conic to bell-shaped to convex. Colour is walnut to dark rusty brown, bruising blue.


Gills are attached to the stem and cream-coloured when young, becoming dark purple brown when mature

Spore Print

Dark purple-brown


Dark purple-brown


Stem is cylindrical, tough, cartilaginous, and white to ocher in colour with fibrillose patches. Partial veil usually leaves no traces on the stem.

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