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Psilocybe kumaenorum Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybe kumaenorum: Background

Psilocybe kumaenorum: Habitat

Psilocybe kumaenorum magic mushrooms are known to grow in small groups during the month of August in open, grassy, and humid soils around the village of Kondambi, Papua New Guinea.

Psilocybe kumaenorum: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species


Common Name

koull tourroum, kougltourroum, koobl tourroum (Yuwi, the language of the Kuma people)

Psilocybe kumaenorum: Physical Description


The shape and colour of the cap varies greatly and is irregular. It starts bell-shaped and becomes flattened with age, with a largely lobed/notched edge. Colour is entirely black-brown at first, becoming darkish crimson/purple around the circumference with a cream coloured center, or orange, sometimes with subtle greenish tones. May also be orange-yellow, cream, light ochre, or greenish at the umbo and edges marked with thin but clear stripes of a very dark violet.


Gills reach the stem but do not attach and starts of cream-coloured, becoming mauve or pale orange-mauve, and finally violet with purple tint. Edges are white.

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Stem has a bulbous base, is hollow, and is white with straight furrows of grayish-brown, silvery towards the top.

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