Psilocybe angulospora Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybe angulospora: Background

Psilocybe angulospora magic mushrooms were first described by Yen-Wen Wang and Shean-Shong Tzean in 2015 after reports of hallucinogenic poisonings from dung-growing mushrooms in Taipei, Taiwan. The name angulospora refers to the angular shape of the spores.

Psilocybe angulospora: Habitat

Psilocybe angulospora magic mushrooms grow on dung and is native to Taiwan, though a sample of this species was also collected from a potted plant in New Zealand in 2004. It’s suspected to be an introduced species there.

Psilocybe angulospora: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species


Common Name

Psilocybe angulospora: Physical Description


Cap ranges from light brown to grey-blue in colour and conic to bell-like in shape.


Gills are broadly attached to the stem, close together, thin, and pale.

Spore Print

Reddish grey to cinnamon-brown


Reddish grey to cinnamon-brown


The stem is pale grey, cylindrical, and hollow. Presence of a partial veil results in a faint ring around the annular zone.

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