ES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms

PES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms

PES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms: Background

PES Hawaiian magic mushrooms are a hybrid species originally created by Pacifica Exotica Spores (PES) of Hawaii. They are a blend of several southeast Asian and South American strains and as a result, they feature physical characteristics from numerous strains.

PES Hawaiian magic mushrooms grow quite tall. Their stems are relatively thin. Their caps are an orange-brown. And they grow like crazy – growers appreciate their rampant ability to colonize / spore, and their yields are tremendous. PES Hawaiians are a great species for newbies: they aren’t too strong and the experiences is complete but mild.

PES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms: Habitat

PES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species

PES Hawaiian

Common Name

PES Hawaiian magic mushrooms

PES Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms: Physical Description


Orange-brown, though more of a yellow around the rim


Spore Print



Tall and thin

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