escondido magic mushrooms

Escondido Magic Mushrooms

Escondido Magic Mushrooms: Background

Escondido magic mushrooms originate from the Puerto Escondido region in the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, a warm and wet climate with strong influence from the Pacific ocean.

The indigenous population of the region has been using magic mushrooms for centuries. Maria Sabina, now a famous spiritual guide, shaman and healer from Oaxaca, used exactly these mushrooms in a magic mushroom tea ceremony for R. Gordon Wasson and his wife in 1955 when they traveled to Huautla de Jiménez, located in the mountains five hours north of Oaxaca City. This meeting led to his famed article in Life Magazine two years later, “Seeking the Magic Mushroom“, which brought psilocybin into the American public consciousness for the first time.

Escondido magic mushrooms are of average potency and are considered an excellent choice for first timers. Frshminds’ readers tell us that they experience a mix of mental and physical intoxication, “feelings of unity”, and bodily vibrations and/or “tingling.”

Escondido ‘shrooms are characterized by golden brown caps and lighter coloured stems. Escondido magic mushrooms are fast colonizers that produce bountiful flushes of medium-sized fruiting bodies. Some growers report that second and third flushes of these shrooms are just as dense and fruitful as the first.

Escondido Magic Mushrooms: Habitat

Originate from the Puerto Escondido region in the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, a very temperate and near tropical region.

Escondido Magic Mushrooms: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species

Common Name

Escondido Magic Mushrooms

Escondido Magic Mushrooms: Physical Description


The pileus is flat, ranging from pale yellow to golden caramel in colour.


Spore Print



Slender, slightly curved white stems

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