Gymnopilus Luteus Magic Mushrooms

Gymnopilus Luteus Magic Mushrooms

Gymnopilus luteus: Background

Gymnopilus luteus: Habitat

Gymnopilus luteus magic mushrooms are found growing solitarily or in clusters on dead hardwood trees throughout Eastern US and Canada during the months of June to November.

Gymnopilus luteus: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species


Common Name

Yellow Gymnopilus

Gymnopilus luteus: Physical Description


Convex, becoming broadly convex with an edge that slightly overhangs the gills. Yellow to orange in colour, usually slightly darker towards the center, and becoming orange-brown or even blue upon handling or maturity


Narrowly attached to the stem and crowded. Pale yellow becoming rusty brown with age. Gills also have the strong odor of anise, one of the easiest ways to distinguish this species from its close relatives.

Spore Print

Rusty brown


Rusty brown, no germ pore.


At largest 3cm thick and 10cm tall. Coloured similarly to the cap, forming a slight fibery annulus.

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